The Feed From The White House

Helaine and (visiting) Stef are in the family room watching TV. I wanted to see the president’s statement on the budget talks. I grabbed my laptop, went to and watched the clean feed.

The president was late. The feed streamed a wideshot of the podium.

Like everything else on TV the White House briefing room is smaller than it looks. Take a look at this screengrab to see how close Jonathon Karl, Major Garrett and Ed Henry are standing though they’ll all be live simultaneously.

It takes a lot of skill to work like that.

4 thoughts on “The Feed From The White House”

    1. From Mediaite: The President also briefly scolded someone in the area where photographers and news cameras stand. “Guys, I can hear you over here,” he said.

  1. What did you think of President Obama’s speech. I gave him kudos for calling out congress. Basically saying that we lowly American citizens work hard every day and come to decisions and that they need to do this for us. Hope all is well within your home.

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