The Creepy Side Of Mobbed

Have you seen Mobbed, Howie Mandel’s show on Fox? Elaborate ‘flash mobs’ are staged which spring unknown news or an unexpected situation on a designated ‘mark?’

The hoaxes are elaborately staged. “Reality” on a budget this high doesn’t exist on cable.

It’s harmless fun when the payoff is sweet, but this show can get creepy. Over the last two nights two separate marks were put in exceptionally embarrassing situations. They had no say in the matter.

Tonight a guy got married. Probably not his first choice. Last night it was creepy stalkergirl and the guy who said, “No!”

When it’s sweet it’s fine, but the creepy stuff…

10 thoughts on “The Creepy Side Of Mobbed”

  1. I saw on the news (I think GMA) about the girl who told this guy she wanted to take their relationship from friends to boyfriend/girlfriend….his response was less than enthusiastic to say the least!!! YIKES

  2. @Doris, that show was on last night! She said she was strong and understood. Uh huh. Tonight was a wife telling her husband she was pregnant. Geoff, agree last night was odd but sad.

  3. I watched the wedding mob show tonight. I think the poor bastard was shamed into saying yes. Who knows, maybe this is what he needed. If the marriage doesn’t work out I think we’ll read about it.

  4. I’ve watched both nights. I thought the first one last night celebrating the deceased daughters organ donorship was sad but good, the stalker babe was very uncomfortable but I give the guy credit for being honest on network television. Tonight’s shows were the marriage and the pregnancy announcement. Regarding the marriage, I think he probably would have continued their relationship just as it was simply out of fear because of his divorce. However, I don’t think he was really unhappy about the unexpected wedding. He appeared to truly love her, he was very affectionate and he looked very happy. Time will tell, but I think this one was ok. The second show, the pregnancy announcement was hilarious. I don’t think for one minute that guy was expecting to learn his wife was pregnant. I believe him when he said he thought they were about to adopt the little girl, lol. I’m still perplexed about the unexpected “welfare worker/teacher” lady and what her motivation was for getting herself in the way. I’m thinking she wanted her 5 minutes of fame.

    For the most part, Howie does a great job sometimes under extraordinary circumstances. I’m always sad when something doesn’t work out as planned or as wished for and I haven’t seen that happen too many times. But mostly, this show just makes me cry. Geez, I’m just so sensitive. But most of MOBBED are such tear-jerkers.

  5. Are they taping that here in CT? I saw a guy who looked a lot like Howie Mandel in the ShopRite in New London this past morning. If I remember correctly, the old show with the suitcases was taped locally, which made me wonder if it could have been him.

  6. I have the organ donor epi. on tape because it looked interesting but I didn’t want to sit and watch. I caught the beginning of the 2nd but thought it was CREEPY and sad. Girl – just ask him out on a date the normal way! Talk about a cry for attention!

  7. Wouldn’t they need the “guy that wasn’t interested” to sign off on using him in the episode? If I was in that position I wouldn’t want anything to do with that. Perhaps they offer some cash to make it more palatable?

  8. How does one get married in California without a license signed by both parties? And isn’t there a waiting period? Made no sense to me.

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