Doppler: Before And After

Yesterday I posted a before photo of Doppler pre-furcut. My intention was to post the after picture today. That was before I saw both pictures together!

Doppler’s still got loads of fur. She won’t be cold when she hits the lawn.

She sure has a lot less than she did yesterday!

24 thoughts on “Doppler: Before And After”

  1. Is that hair or fur? Does she shed a lot? if not then it’s hair. I know she is a mix, but she really looks like she has hair.

  2. She looks gorgeous! It sincerely warms my heart to know she is so well loved. Thank you Geoff and Helaine! She is one fur- child I no longer have to worry about. She is loved. I have countless that need loving homes, or foster homes – should there be willing hearts out there – please let me know.

    🙂 Lisa – Wallingford Animal Shelter
    203 294-2180

    1. To all: Helaine and I found Doppler at the Wallingford Animal Shelter. We can’t speak highly enough about the care Doppler received while waiting to find a home. If you’re looking for a forever friend, stop by. There’s no obligation.

  3. I love the shaggy look but understand that it must be managed. She is adorable in both pics. How does she like the snow?

  4. your dog is the perfect double of our max who we know is a morkie, that ia a maltese cross yorkie, wasnt sure if you knew thats what your dog is, just thought i would tell you 🙂

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