Hey Fedex, I’m a Meteorologist!

There’s a birthday gift heading to my great-nephew in Milwaukee via FedEx Ground.

Full stop. This is no a screed against FedEx. It’s normally very dependable. FedEx employees have been very kind to me. We’re good.

What they’re telling me tonight irks me a little. It’s called a “Delivery Exception.”

Local weather delay – Delivery not attempted

So, of course, I went and checked the weather. The package is going to Milwaukee. The depot in Oak Creek is just south of the Milwaukee Airport.

Skies were clear the entire day, all 24 hours. It was cold and breezy, but it’s Milwaukee in January. Duh!

It still arrives before his birthday, so it’s all good, but why use a lame excuse so easily checked?

11 thoughts on “Hey Fedex, I’m a Meteorologist!”

  1. I’m standing with you, Geoff.

    As for Fedex, sounds like they wimped out. We had a similar experience with Fedex where they were going to just put a package in front of the garage despite the fact that there were 2 cars in the driveway. My wife went to the door to get the Fedex guy’s attention and she got the package.
    We got a package from UPS a few days and the guy came right to the door.

  2. I wonder if it’s a coincidence- but FedEx is late one day on a package for me, too. But they didn’t put a weather exception in there. I hope I get it tomorrow because I need its contents for Monday!

  3. Had some VITALLY important documents to get to NY yesterday. Two weeks ago I needed the same shipment and used FedEx. Worked good, but expensive. Yesterday I used USPS Express. They guaranteed delivery by noon today. Got there by 11:00. And only cost 18 bux. Good service form USPS.

  4. You misunderstood “weather delay” – what it means is that the weather was nice and the driver played hookey. 🙂

  5. Weather delay not only means your destination airport but also Memphis and Indianapolis and New Jersey all Fedex hubs to get the freight out.

  6. Just an point of interest Fedex Express moves 70% of USPS mail to there regional sort locations throughout the country via air USPS no longer has air fleet.

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