Hey FedEx, Now I’m Angry!

I wrote yesterday about the package destined for my great-nephew in Milwaukee. Fedex notified me of a “Delivery Exception.” The official explanation was

Local weather delay – Delivery not attempted

OK — no big deal. It was scheduled for delivery today. The birthday isn’t until Monday.

I checked this afternoon and… you won’t believe this…

Local weather delay – Delivery not attempted

I quickly called and spoke to an agent who put me on hold, then came back to say she’d spoken to the depot. There was no weather problem. The package would be delivered.

It wasn’t!

The birthday is Monday. No problem… except FedEx Home Delivery only operates Tuesday through Saturday. It’s now scheduled for a post-birthday Tuesday delivery.

I called FedEx again. No one working Saturday evening is able to help&#185.

The package will spend weekend and a little of next week in Oak Creek, WI. It will miss Judah’s birthday. I am upset.

No, I am livid!

Avoiding crap like this is why I went with FedEx in the first place. They’d better refund the shipping charges.

&#185 – Though he couldn’t help either, Victor in FedEx’s El Salvador call center was at least empathetic and concerned.

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  1. Hey Geoff … what I am worried about is that they’ve actually LOST the package. The weather delay thing is obviously wrong and a silly excuse. I’ve been in your situation looking for important packages that never ever surfaced. There are apparently some life-size moss-covered wire animals that put down roots in a FedEx warehouse in Massachusetts, just one example!

  2. Sounds like the Fedex worker did not make the effort. They had best refund your shipping charges. I’d send the BBB after them – they basically held up your package for no reason.

  3. FedEx is horrible. You would have been much better off with USPS priority. I avoid FedEx and UPS at all costs because I always have problems with them. People criticize the Post Office but they’re better than anyone else.

      1. Not so fast with USPS – Last year they lost an expensive Mac Mini computer I sent to CA. No record of it anywhere and it took me over 4 months to get a refund for the contents and shipping! USPS priority with a signed receipt! That is the second package they lost! Both made it to MA sort facility and from there no where to be found! I will never ship USPS again. At least Fedex and UPS have proper tracking from ALL packages!

  4. You should have gone with the PO. Even priority mail would have made it there. Sounds like Fed-ex has no idea where the package actually is. Hopefully it wasn’t lost somewhere. Maybe it’s heading to a post office to finish being delivered and if that is the case, it might still make it there by Monday. I have seen fedex trucks delivering on Sat, so one never knows.

  5. Please keep in mind that the weather delay doesn’t have to be *in*the location you are shipping to – it could be bcz of weather in another part the country that the pkg was routed through.

  6. Fed Ex delivered an iPad 4 th gen 64 gb to my next door neighbor . Good thing we get along. Never had a problem with USPS OR UPS. oh and they jus left it in the neighbors door.

  7. My house is allegedly on “a list” where both UPS and Fedex are supposed to drop boxes at our side door, ring the bell, and not wait for anyone. This came about because Fedex dropped a box of electronics on my front porch WHEN MY VEHICLE WAS IN THE DRIVEWAY AT THE SIDE OF THE HOUSE, and I didn’t know it was there because they didn’t ring the bell, so the box sat out overnight in cold weather. My mailbox is at our side door, and delivery companies usually follow the practice of delivering to the door with a mailbox. The local manager who responded to my on-line complaint was very nice. But the delivery service from both companies has been less than stellar (I had similar problems with UPS). This year’s holiday season 1 out of 3 packages made it to the side door with the bell ring. I was surprised, especially in light of all the stories about packages being stolen from people’s doors. Next time, Geoff, use the Post Office. I send packages to my nieces in Missouri frequently — never have had a problem, and they have always arrived when I was told they would.

  8. Geoff. After what you’ve been thru, how about chilling and cutting them some slack.

    It’s just a package. Keep things in perspective.

  9. I have had very few positive experiences with FedEx, but many horrible stories including having to pick up my own Valentine floral delivery at their warehouse 45 min from my house (in which I had to wait an hour past their promised time in their cold and chairless customer service area. When I realize an online retailer uses FedEx, I stop ordering from them.

    UPS or nothing. I’m so grateful good customer service still exists.

  10. I had a small package being shipped from a seller on amazon…it was shipped fed ex…dropped off at out local post office for delivery where it sat for a few day..was repicked up by fed ex and taken to massachusetts where it sat for.a few more days…finally fed ex shipped it back to our post office and it was delivered right before Christmas…box was pretty beat up but the watch was in perfect condition…hope your package makes it there soon!!

  11. You should have shipped it FEDEX EXPRESS not FEDEX Ground/Home delivery,would of been there already. Would of cost more but you get what you pay for.

    1. Joe, for future reference, it’s “would have” not “would of”. You’re thinking of the contraction for “would have” which is “would’ve” which sounds like “would of”. I’m just saying… ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Kevin, under most manuals of modern style, the period is placed inside the quotation. ” “Would of”. ” is not preferred. ” ” “Would of.” is preferred. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. I get alot of deliveries via UPS (love QVC!). My original driver was terrific; would always bring a biscuit for my dog. But the new driver is not that great. He just throws the package on my front porch. I’m so glad my dog barks when I get a delivery; otherwise the package would sit outside indefinitely!

  13. This kind of thing makes me go crazy. This company built its brand on reliability. “When it absolutely, positively has to get there overnight.”

  14. My house is set back from the road and usually never have problems with any of the delivery services as the drivers come down and will leave in a safe place if nobody is home but one time years ago had a laptop delivered by UPS and I was watching the tracking while at work, showed delivered so I called home and wasn’t delivered to the house. Got home later and found the box with at the end of the driveway next to the tree by the mailbox. Needless to say wasn’t to happy that day.

  15. I’m a UPS girl myself. Never have trouble with them and the service at our local UPS store is always friendly (not something I can say about our local post office). It may cost a little more but it’s definitely worth it to me.

  16. If you wanted to avoid crap like this you should NOT have used FED-EX! They only care about making the delivery–they don’t care if the intended recipient actually gets the package. I use USPS or UPS whenever possible and never have a problem. I live in an apartment building and the other two deliver to the office and I pick up from there. FED-EX will leave the package outside in a public area even when the office is open!
    One time I ordered a Vermont teddy bear for my wife for Valentine’s Day. FED-EX left it outside and I found an empty box–someone stole it! I just hope the wife/girlfriend’s name was Tina because it was personalized.

  17. Last year, I shipped a box of Xmas presents I’d received from my family back to New Haven from my mom’s house in Arizona. I used FedEx because … well, FedEx! It’s great, right? Wrong. The box never arrived, though it was marked in their system as delivered. Sure — delivered to the wrong house, most likely the driver’s own. They never offered to reimburse me in any way, because “the package was delivered, ma’am.” Haven’t used them since.

  18. I hate the fact the you (we) have to force someone to do their job, and they still don’t get it right. Meanwhile a bunch of quite competent, unemployed people look for and can’t get a fair shake. “Damned nonsense foolishness.”

  19. Heh…I think the package I am waiting for is on the same truck….showed out for delivery on the 5th, then a delay….now not even showing anything today.

  20. Just got one of these “delivery exceptions” regarding a package it said was “already on the truck.” Also said it would attempt again when “weather conditions improve.” Oddly, the weather is fine today in the city & state, so that isn’t a legit reason for this excuse. Yes, this package will miss X-Mas now, for no apparent good reason. WTF?!?!?!?!?

    1. Just spoke with a Fedex guy I know… he says it is not uncommon for the temporary help to be less than stellar this time of year (late December); he also says this is the one time of the year Fedex does not guarantee 3 – 5 day delivery times on regular ground! Grrrrrrrrrrrr……

  21. Our furnace broke so we ordered 2 electric heaters from the nearest fastest retailer that were given to Fed -Ex to ship. Fed Ex was given the package in Alabama on Thursday and its now going to be Tuesday before we get them (barring any”winter storm “delays in South Carolina) ….Hilarious if it wasn’t for my family all with colds now.6 DAYS to go from Alabama to South Carolina.@@##$$%%%^.Shows what happens when big companies doesn’t give a sh>> about their customers.

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