Finally FedEx

Judah and the Hot Wheels

I know a three year old in Milwaukee who won’t want to go to sleep tonight. He’ll want to play with his brand new Hot Wheels. Happy birthday Judah!

If you follow my blog you know this package took the long way to Judah’s house. It was tendered at FedEx in North Haven New Year’s Eve afternoon.

It didn’t leave North Haven until the 2nd. By the 3rd it was in Keasbey, NJ. It hit Chicago early enough on the 4th to be in Oak Creek, WI (just south of Milwaukee’s airport) and on a truck for delivery that same day!

This was great. It was the service I paid for.

Unfortunately all it got was a ride in a truck. On this Milwaukee day with clear skies for the entire 24 hour period, the package was returned to the depot because of:

Local weather delay – Delivery not attempted

The same thing happened the next day with the same lame excuse.

FedEx Home Delivery only operates Tuesday through Saturday. Monday was out too.

At age three Judah probably doesn’t mind the delay as much as I do. I’m told he’s ecstatic.

My niece Jessie texted,

He’s soooo excited. He kept saying, “Whoa! This is sooooo cool!”

The box says age 6 and up. Like all relatives our assumption is he’s bright beyond his years.

15 thoughts on “Finally FedEx”

  1. Glad he finally got the package! I loved to play with my brother’s Hot Wheels when I was a kid! He would always get mad at me!

  2. Keasbey must be the clearing sport for all shipments. I ordered a chair for my grand daughter and so far it has spent 2 days in MS, three days in NJ and the expected delivery was Today, the 8th. NOT here in CT yet. Does Keasbey FexEx hold packages hostage? Not happy with FedEx right now. This was ordered 12/24 for a 1/4 birthday. Not happy!!!!

  3. Great picture! I’m sure that’s the view his parents are getting since the package arrived. Glad the little man had a good birthday.

  4. And they complain about USPS, which for the same services is about 2/3 the cost and just as fast and reliable! Geoff, did you ever get any kind of explanation or a refund from FedEx?

  5. Is the track hanging off the end? Sorta looks like you need to buy him a bigger table.

    If Judah is into cars, perhaps someone can take him to see the Indycars in Milwaukee the weekend of June 15th. The race itself might be too long for his attention span, but practice/qualifications are a great chance to see the cars.

      1. In that case – heads up, parents and grandparents. 🙂 I’m betting Judah would love it. (BTW, if you’ve never been, Indy cars are much quieter than NASCAR, but still bring hearing protection for him.)

  6. Glad he finally got his wonderful present! Looks like he’s enjoying it very much! That young- yesterday, today, tomorrow are all the same – all that matters is NOW. 🙂

  7. On a similar note: UPS delivered a textbook after dark last night and left it balanced atop two mailboxes at the end of a shared driveway on a dark, rural road. Our driveway was clear and there was no reason whatsoever that the drive couldn’t have delivered it to the house.

  8. A great gift. Hot Wheels rule. You chose well. The whole FedEx thing is a bit of a mystery. They clearly screwed up. Not sure what else you could have done with them. The nice thing about a gift showing up “late” is that it does stand apart and is sort of a bonus gift, and it looks like it wasn’t an issue with him.

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