The Foxes Of Connecticut With The Foxes of Irvine

We are in California. Yesterday was our day in transit. We’re staying in Irvine (in the OC) with my cousins Michael and Melissa and their 14 year old, flu ridden, son Max.

Irvine is interesting because it’s a planned community. That’s the exact opposite of Connecticut which grew unplanned–organically.

Our roads wind. Their roads are straight and wide. Communities are planned to have ample shopping.

I told Cousin Melissa this looks like a Stepford community. Each home is different, but not too different.

They’re kvetching about the weather. It was in the 50s today! They’re spoiled and readily admit it.

We do see snow, but it’s in the distant mountains. Snow is a no show in Irvine.

We’re here through Thursday, then I head to see some friends in the LA area.

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