We Saw Argo

Cousins Michael and Melissa are very involved politically… which means they often have meetings to attend. That was the case last night. Helaine and I decided we’d catch a movie.

I’ve wanted to see Argo since its release, so we headed to Regal’s Westpark 8 in Irvine. $11.50! Seriously.

Argo is playing in Theater 1, a space large enough to make you forget you’re in a multiplex and back in a large standalone. Seeing a movie on large screen is a treat, but the screen has abrasion marks across its width about 40% of the way up.

I get it Regal–costs have risen, but you have an obligation to run a first class joint and this was disappointing.

The movie, on the other hand, was great. I’d known the story of the American’s sheltered by the Canadian ambassador to Iran, but didn’t know of the CIA’s involvement or how the plot was hatched.

Tehran was out-of-control in the late 70s. That tension and the fear it induced was conveyed perfectly.

I’m sure some of the timeline was rejiggered for dramatic effect. Did Iranians actually chase a SwissAir 747 down the runway as it took off? Too convenient.

The movie broke and we headed to my rented Dodge for the trip back to the Irvine Foxes. My phone’s battery was showing 11% as I fired up the GPS and let Google lead the way.

The battery died as we were turning off the main drag into the maze that is this development! Luckily I also have GPH (Global Positioning Helaine). She pointed me in the right direction and we were home in a few minutes.

It’s sunny and chilly this morning in Orange County. There are fresh lemons growing in a pot on the patio. And so the day begins.

4 thoughts on “We Saw Argo”

  1. Absolutely right, Geoff. Gary Sick said that the tarmac chase never happened, but hey, it was great film. We were grabbing our armrests even though we knew the ending.

    But what’s funny about this film is that the weirdest stuff they depict actually did indeed happen.

  2. The nearest place to me is like that and it smells funny. So with the poor conditions (sounds bleed through from other movies,scratched up screens,warped screens and they smell funny) I have not been there in years.

  3. I heard an interview with some govt guy on npr and he said the plane chase scene didn’t happen. I didn’t see it yet though.

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