I’m On My Way Home

I’m on my way home. This will be a long day. It was an easy hour’s drive to John Wayne Airport. My first flight leaves in 45 minutes. I have a long layover in Denver where I meet-up with Helaine.

This was a trip I needed on many different levels. Being with friends and family was better and more important than I could have anticipated.

It was a first chance to release and relax. You have no idea how needed that was.

The inbound leg of my flight is pulling in. I’d better go. More later.

4 thoughts on “I’m On My Way Home”

  1. Glad your trip was so healing for you, Geoff. Now get back here and tell us what the heck is going on with the weather!!!

  2. Just a comment on your remark—you have no idea how much I needed this—–don’t underestimate you fan club. You have had a heck of a year, or should I say—the end part of 2012. It was good that you had the means to get away and enough friends/fanukt situated within a reasonable drive,so that there was a place to crash! Sometimes, the worst part is returning home to a continuation of the same problems.
    I marvel at some of the homes that you have photographed. You are right, it is a great place to live—-but expensive. Had my son in law landed a job with Boeing out there, when Grumman on LI was closing—he would have had to buy way out in the ‘burbs and commute 50-100 miles each day. Thankfully, Sikorski’s had a place for him! bb

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