Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars

This is my last full day in California. Helaine and I rejoin in Denver sometime mid-afternoon Monday. It’s going to be very difficult to leave.

First, the weather’s unreal. It was near 80&#176 today. If anything the air’s a little too dry. I’m still waiting for the first cloud!

Second, I’m having a great time with my friends. They all think they live mundane lives. Wrong.

Everyone here kvetches about Southern California. There is traffic! Everything else seems just fine. They’re kvetching, not leaving.

Oh–one thing. It’s much too expensive here. Friends who’ve owned homes a while have seen quite the increase! Good for them.

I went to watch football today at Howard’s house, partially up a hill in Encino. Howard was my Best Man. The photo above is a panorama from his family’s backyard. The view is stunning. Breathtaking. It’s a beautiful home.

Good company. Good conversation. Nice way to watch.

Sometime this evening I will shove everything I have in my suitcase for the trip home. The rental car gets returned to and I fly from John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana.

Monday’s a holiday. Is an hour drive too much to hope for? I’ll be leaving earlier just in case.

I took few pictures on this trip. I just unwound. Exceptionally therapeutic. Thanks to those involved.

2 thoughts on “Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars”

  1. You will have to post the pics in a subsequent post, Geoff. They aren’t here. But glad you had a wonderful time. Change of scenery is always therapeutic.

    Definitely leave earlier – holiday travel tends to be a bit crazy.

    Safe travels home.

  2. Is that where you stayed? Wow, that view is gorgeous! If I was living there, I probably would not care at all that I would get sunburn from staying out all day.

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