The Friday Night Clipper

After my week in sunny and (mostly) warm Southern California it seems I’ve returned simultaneously with winter! There is snow on tap for Friday night into Saturday. It doesn’t look to be a major deal, but snow-is-snow and it’s always a bit of a pain.

There are no textbook storms, but this one is mainly an Alberta Clipper with a little Texas moisture drawn in.

Wednesday evening, the low driving the storm is near the British Columbia-Alberta border. It will sink south a little as it moves east. It will also suck up some moisture now over the Southern Plains. That’s the setup.

This will be all snow. Shoreline, inland, everyone gets snow. It looks to be powdery snow–a high snow:water ratio, 15:1 or more.

It will also be a fast mover. Alberta Clippers get the second half of their name from their speedy entrance and exit. The storm starts late Friday afternoon and ends Saturday morning.

Snow lovers will likely be disappointed. This looks like a few inches tops.

Cold lovers will be happy. The temperature will be in the twenties with the wind chill in the teens.

Sunday will be sunny and even colder

11 thoughts on “The Friday Night Clipper”

  1. So glad there won’t be too much snow. A few inches is okay, but it gets dangerous on the roads when there’s a lot. Thanks for the report; you are the only meteorologist that I believe!

  2. All this talk of bad roads everytime it snows.. How did we exist with only rear wheel drive land yachts.. before the 1980’s when front wheel drive cars became more common.. Just askin.. I remember the old green 68 country squire wagon getting stuck in the snow but we got home without crashing.. this was in the late 70’s.. LOL

    1. I had a ’68 ugly green (with white top) AMC Ambassador. That car was terrible to drive on dry roads! I remember one bad storm where people were getting stuck on 84W in Manchester. I kept pluggin’ away and made it safely home. (Ah, now I have a Jeep Commander and LOVE driving in snow!)

  3. @Billy L: I remember taking a broom (large broom) to my ’66 Chevy and sweeping off about 10″ of snow to go to a Christmas Eve party in the mid ’70s. My parents thought I was nuts, but yeah, I (and the car) survived that. Different times, huh?

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