Pete Rose Should Be In The Hall

Pete Rose has a reality show on TLC. I expected a train wreck. As you can see from the title of this entry it is anything but.

Rose speaks without a filter. I believe he’s truly repentant for his gambling. He should be judged on his unquestioned excellence as a player.

“If you give me a second chance, I won’t need a third,” he said early on.

The show is great. His fiancee (though the show is called “Hits and Mrs.”) is a beautiful Korean-American, younger than some of Rose’s children. Her augmented breasts are an oft visited topic.

They are a total mismatch, yet they’re perfect for each other. I believe the relationship is complex and real.

I’ve read a few negative reviews. I disagree. I’ll watch the season–six episodes.

2 thoughts on “Pete Rose Should Be In The Hall”

  1. Pete Rose Jr (He uses the name PJ Rose) played for the Bluefish for a short time and on a couple of other teams in the Atlantic League. I talked to him a few times: PJ is very nice, down to earth. He knows he comes from baseball royalty, but he wasn’t full of himself.Very humble. Whenever Pete (senior) came to watch his son play, he either sat in the dugout or in one of the luxury suites. Never among the fans. It’s a shame, I would have liked to have met him. He truly was one of the greatest ballplayers of his generation.

  2. Geoff, welcome back.

    I haven’t seen the show on TLC, I might look for it.

    I disagree about Rose being in the Hall of Fame, I say no. I watch sports for many reasons, but if there is even a hint that it is not on the level, I lose interest. If a manager is betting on a game he is managing, the whole sport is tainted. Absolutely unacceptable.

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