The Cold’s Not Done Yet

4:30 PM EST Thursday. It’s 38&#176 in Anchorage with a wind chill of 29&#176. It’s 19&#176 at Bradley International with a wind chill of 2&#176! Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

The jet stream is bringing frigid air from the Canadian Plains across the Great Lakes and spilling it into most of the East Coast. It’s in the 20s this afternoon in portions of North Carolina.

We’re staying bitterly cold through the weekend. Wind chill readings will hover around and often below 0&#176. Wind chill describes how rapidly your exposed flesh loses heat.

Here’s something 18 year old Geoff never thought he’d say: Try to expose as little of your flesh as possible!

As for Friday/Saturday’s snow, it looks like less of a deal today than yesterday. Maybe an inch or two of powdery snow starting Friday afternoon or evening and ending Saturday morning.

A week ago I was in SoCal where they were complaining about the ‘bitter cold.’ Where’s my violin?

12 thoughts on “The Cold’s Not Done Yet”

  1. My daughter is on her way to Hawaii. You’d think she would have offered to bring her mother. Sheesh. I have to go out and walk the dog later. The only flesh that will be exposed will be my eyes. Way too cold for my liking.

  2. It’s a whopping 12 right now – 5:49 PM – here in Portsmouth, NH, Geoff, feels like is -4. You are so right – did we switch places with Anchorage?

  3. Hit a low of 12 degrees in Victorville, CA (the high desert) overnight on Sunday 13 January. Bad part was no snow to play in, IMHO.

    Yeah, most of us Southern California Weather Wimps (SCWWs) prefer warmer weather, but you are not going to hear me complaining–in the 1960’s I spent a winter in Chicago–and it never got above 10 BELOW during that period…and we were outdoors most of the time….without heat…and it was traveling into the wind and walking uphill all the time both ways.

    Darn good thing I have a healthy helping of Norwegian genes in my ancestry…and I don’t live in places like that any more! (grin)

  4. Brrr……
    We had a watermain break in Manchester…Me thinks there will be alot more….It is sooo..cold. Don’t forget to have hte antifeeze tested in your cars !!

  5. Thanks Geoff for the forecast. You’re still the only one I have faith in. I know many disagree but I wish we were getting a BIG snow storm. Snow in this dry, frigid air would be sparkling like diamonds. 🙂

      1. Yes…been here in HI for over three years now. Sunset Beach on the north shore of Oahu. We’re former CT residents. I think you’d enjoy the weather here…from a meteorologic point of view. At first glance it seems to be the same weather day in and day out, but there’s so much nuance to it all. Plus there are the waves and how they interact with the near shore bathymetry. Fascinating stuff.

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