Friday’s Storm: Ruh Roh!

My threshold for weather worry has been raised since I’ve been off the air. The potential for Friday goes beyond even that new threshold!

Nor’easter: yes
Big snow potential: yes
Power outage potential: yes
Snow/sleet/rain mix: that too!

This far out I’m making use of the GFS and ECMWF (European) models. They have similar solutions.

You can’t expect them to fully agree… at least I don’t.

Much of the state is in line for one to two inches of liquid. We’ll see rain, sleet and snow at times. Snow totals are impossible to pin down today–Tuesday. Our low pressure system is only now emerging east of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Northern Mexico!

The system moves northeast from Mexico to the Carolinas, hitting the beach early Friday morning. From there the trajectory bends left a little, allowing the low to pass south of Montauk Point, Long Island Friday evening then steam toward the Canadian Maritimes.

As the storm hits the ‘warm’ Atlantic its central pressure drops like a rock. Bombogenesis! Classic Nor’easter.

This will be a 24 hour event (maybe longer). Snow will be heaviest in the north. Winds will strongest in the east. Outages seem likely.

Friday looks to be a sloppy, slippery, difficult to deal with day.

I’ll update as we move through the week.

27 thoughts on “Friday’s Storm: Ruh Roh!”

  1. Still rely on your weather reports more than anywhere else. Thanks for keeping us fans in the loop, it’s appreciated. You’re 90% of the reason I ever started loving science as a kid and chose that as a career.

      1. Yes, you’re probably right to some degree, but you underestimate your power of teaching. I loved your Mr. Science segments and felt like it absolutely had a huge impact on me. You motivated me to learn more and more about science.

        I’m sure like many who grew up in Connecticut, you have been such a staple in our lives for so many years. I am so glad to have found your blog and to know you’re doing well.

  2. Thank you Geoff for keeping us in know without making it sound like an Armageddon is coming . this is why I always looked to your forecasts ever since I was yeah high to a grasshopper,

  3. I am not happy with this news. I heard it earlier today and again was not happy. I am planning a trip to Mass. However, news from my sister is they are expecting 9 in. starting Friday at midnight until Sat. about 1. I was to leave early Sat. a.m. As time goes by I am more and more not happy. Praying warmth from the south turns it all to rain!

    1. Maureen –

      An error of 25-50 miles would make a huge difference with this storm. This far out that would be a minor error and not atypical.

  4. I’m always glad to have your take on what’s coming, Geoff. We’re overdue for more snow. As long as I’m not driving in it, I can appreciate being warm, cozy and prepared inside. Thanks for the updates 🙂

  5. I’m glad to read about your new career directions, and am also grateful that you keep on weather-blogging. You’re a key link in my weather blog trio of Hanrahan, Cox and Fox!

  6. Geoff, I have always liked your Science and predictions on the forecast!! I know we are due for a substantial storm!!! 2010/11 was great!!!i know the date.. But any predictions long term???

  7. Thank you Geoff, I miss you on the tv, but I am very happy to rely on your broadcasting and predictions of the weather here .
    Keep up the great work and may a future employment be with you soon 🙂

    1. Asian slang? It’s from a cartoon called Scooby-Doo. Please look it up. Geoff Fox has been on tv for years and years. He has never once, ever, offended anyone. And he ‘STILL’ doesn’t use common sense or good manners? When exactly didn’t he before? You, my friend, could use a dose of manners and common sense yourself. Not to mention, I do not think that ‘Ruh-roh’ is Asian slang anyway. If so, what does it mean? I find it distasteful that certain people sit online just for the chance to nit-pick at others. If you do not feel Geoff Fox has good manners or common sense, then you may see it within your best interest to not follow his blog. That, would be common sense. And good manners would be to tactfully ask/point out your opinion on something. Not to accuse without facts.

      1. Heather – no personal attacks aimed at other commenters. I have the power to delete comments, but left that knowingly.

        My point is, no matter what you do some people will always find a reason to be upset. It is 21st Century life, magnified by the Internet.

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