My Video Gets It’s TV Debut

The phone rang around 6:40. Jennifer from ABC’s Good Morning America called to ask to use my timelapse. Permission granted. I also cleared APTN in London, so I guess it will be seen worldwide.

How did ABC get my number?

20 thoughts on “My Video Gets It’s TV Debut”

  1. Has it changes since you used to fill in for them? They have their ways. Fantastic, Geoff, I hope I catch it on TV (have seen it already but it’s more fun on tv).

  2. Geoff, Great job on the time lapse video. How many photos per minute or hour did you set up your camera to take? And for how long does each one display on the video?

    BTW, how did ABC get your phone number? If you click on at least one of the links on your website, it’s easy to find.

  3. Saw your time lapse video is a few places today. I’m not surprised. There are plenty of folks out there who know the best weather geek lives in CT. 🙂

  4. Enjoyed the video from your deck!

    Thought you would like to see this time-lapse video from someone in the Naugatuck Valley, I think it said Ansonia. Hopefully your system doesn’t block it.

  5. Perhaps they got your phone number from your resume that is posted online along with easy to find address and such on sites like spokeo, etc.

    1. The phone number on my resume (and many other spots) is a Google Voice number which goes directly (and silently) to voicemail.

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