Beautiful Snow Turns Ugly


Helaine is not a fan of driving in the snow, so Doppler and I have accompanied her to Stop & Shop. Warm, most air over cold snow equals fog! Visibility is very low.  It’s an ugly day.

If you’ve never lived in a four seasons climate there’s something going on you never think of. Snow piles!  The one next to the passenger side window is at least five feet tall.

I like to call these piles “permasnow!” 

As the plow works its magic the snow is compressed and becomes icy and crusty.Some of these piles will be here until May… maybe June!

All our roads have lost lanes to plowed snow too. We sat at a light whose left turn signal never turned green. The turn lane is blocked. No cars are driving on the spot necessary to trip the sensor.

What was idyllic yesterday is getting ugly and becoming a pain today.

Pitchers and catchers report Wednesday.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Snow Turns Ugly”

  1. Just read we’re getting more snow Wednesday/Thursday. Going to be an interesting week for sure. I think these snow banks just might be around until June.

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