This Weekend’s No Storm

Earlier this week my ears perked up. Friends on Facebook were asking about an upcoming weekend snow storm. I’m not as bothered by snow now that my commute to work is primarily over carpet, but I still enjoy running the forecast numbers.

It didn’t take long for the forecast of snow turn to a forecast of rain. It makes no difference. Once a day has been associated with snow it’s tough to convince people otherwise.

I just looked at the Euro and GFS models and they’re both showing mainly rain. Run-by-run the models have been warmer over Connecticut.

As the storm pulls away and cold air rushes in there will be a turn to snow late Saturday night into Sunday morning. It’s possible a few communities might get an inch or two, but if the ground is wet (and I expect it will be), much of that snow will be eaten by puddles!

A nasty weekend? Yes.

Net snow effect on Connecticut: not much!

8 thoughts on “This Weekend’s No Storm”

    1. Actually, Debbie, Quaker Hill (Southeastern Connecticut) is one of the most likely areas to get snow at the end. But, as I said, I expect it to be mostly eaten by puddles.

  1. You better be right, Geoff. I am sick of snow, but it seems we always get it in Litchfield when the shoreline doesn’t.

  2. Geoff, won’t the impact of the rain mean flooding? If it rains, then it will cause more of this snow to melt, which should result in flooding. I know Ansonia hasn’t done that great a job with snow removal. Mother Nature’s been taking care of it. The heavy rain will result in more snow melt though. In a way, might be a god thing to help clear the roads.

  3. Thank goodness. Kids in Hamden need to get back to school. If there was a lot of snow that might not have happened. Over two weeks off is enough for everyone.

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