My On-Camera Forecast

With snow on the way, I thought I’d go to the maps and show you a little of what’s going to happen.

51 thoughts on “My On-Camera Forecast”

  1. GREAT work! Loved it. Keep them coming, Geoff. You’re who we want for a weather person. And we LUCKY! Thanks again.

  2. Hate the forecast since I’m slated to fly out of BDL on Thursday at 6:30 AM– but really enjoyed seeing you ‘live’ with the presentation.
    Unfortunately I also believe your forecast, so looks like a rotten day for travel Thursday AM.

  3. Geoff! This was fun to watch and so informative! Really enjoyed your dining room broadcast!!! Love your weather reports. No hype, just facts. Looks like those narrow isobar thingies mean wind, right? ( you’ve taught us well over the years!!!) 😀

  4. Good to see you doing what you were born to do. I can tell you’ve missed weather reporting although I wish you weren’t forecasting snow. But, everyone else is. It’s just that we trust your numbers more than others. Thanks for this valiant effort and I hope it’s just the beginning of something unique, fun and credible.

  5. Much appreciated. With all that goes with handling your new enterprise this is certainly something you don’t NEED to be doing, but it speaks volumes for your passion for the profession, and your appreciation of the folks who call for you to interpret it all for us. Thank you. I’m going by your guidance for this one (even though it’s not quite what I want to hear).

    (And why do I LOVE isobar maps so much? Weird).

  6. Thanks Geoff. It was good to hear your voice again. I’m a snow lover so I’m probably the only person not groaning about the forecast. My dogs and I will enjoy it as spring isn’t far away. I feel better prepared now that I’ve heard your forecast.

  7. good to hear you again Geoff!!
    relaxed, exact, and to the point, instead of the confusion of the local Ct. networks, you are still the guy for weather in my book, keep it up, westill need you 🙂

  8. Thank you, Thank you Geoff! We all miss seeing you on the tv. It’s hard watching the news broadcasts now with the two weather ladies. One is way too animated for me and the other one is good but needs more experience which she is saying something different then you. I realized the last 3-4 weeks that I hardly watch the weather on the TV anymore but look for you and Matt online. Unfortunately Matt is on a station I don’t get in my area but the both of you are great talented men going to waste. Again thank you for the online broadcast. I hope to see more of these from time to time (when you have the time). You know it might be quicker then typing the report out LOL!

  9. Wow, have I missed hearing that voice. So glad you did this. Thanks! Oh…and always great to get the only forecast I trust, as always.

  10. Thanks Geoff good to hear from you again, although I do not like that forecast,(snow & wind) I appreciate the fact that you’re thinking of us & glad you’re still there for us.

  11. Geoff, You could make this a money making business online here. You’re an excellent meteorologist and are able to predict the weather on your own without actually being on a TV station.

    1. Just what I was thinking. I see no reason why you can’t make a business out of your knowledge and fan base. Why not add advertisers to your site and reap some financial benefit for what you obviously love to do (and for what we love to hear from you)?

  12. Love seein ya again. You should so totally come to Fla. We need a decent weather guy here. Miss you over the air, but your dedication to science is admirable.And your weather casts are great, and after all who needs a blue screen anyway?

  13. Hey I liked that! The part I REALLY liked is when you ran it backwards to show what you were talking about! When I watch on TV I’m always trying to look between the time range and the map and always end up missing something!

  14. Awesome Geoff…..loved hearing and seeing you again! Who needs TV when we have you! THANK YOU! We love the idea!

  15. Geoff, thanks so much!! I really believe this is the future…no baloney from the T.V. stations, just the information we need from SOMEONE WE REALLY TRUST.

  16. Please do more of these, Geoff. I miss your forecasts. I hope you will do more. You should teach! Maybe have online classes?

  17. Thanks Geoff, good to get a real forecast.
    Sorry we can’t pay you for it.
    As you might have noticed there are people really missing you, and that doesn’t even touch the ones who have never found your website or don’t have computers!!

  18. Thank you for the weather walk-through. Very interesting piece on how you determine the rain-snow line. We truly appreciate that you do this for us, especially since you’re starting your new business in a different field. It was nice to hear your voice again.

  19. It’s so nice to have you broadcasting again – you are so good at it and now I don’t have to worry about whether my cable service carries the station where you are employed! You’re on my computer instead!

  20. My wife and I like the video addition. We both follow your blog and enjoy reading it! It’s good to see you again.

  21. Good stuff Geoff! Need a little teaser though that says, ”don’t go to sleep yet, there’s more Fox from the dining room table coming up! ” Appreciate your weather expertise, hope to see more of you!

  22. Geoff, Thank you for reporting the weather. So totally awesome of you from the ‘dinning room” channel. 🙂

  23. Great to see you again. Thank you for providing a calm, no-nonsense presentation of upcoming weather events. Hope you will continue to do so.

  24. Hey Geoff,
    Looking at radar and sat at 6pm wed, it seems the storm is jogging south. Is this good news, or am I jusy delusional?

  25. We are so happy to “see” you again, and tremendously grateful that you have continued to devote so much of your personal time to providing us with weather updates Geoff! Thank you for working so tirelessly to bring us the latest forecast – we appreciate all that you do more than you can imagine!

  26. Geoff
    Great to hear and see you. Great to listen to someone that has the knowledge that you have and are willing to pass on to us.
    Thank you

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