How I Got On The Radio Today

I was on IQ106.9 in Philadelphia this morning. And you think we worry about snow here in Connecticut! Al Gardner and Lionel gave me the third degree over their potential final run-in with winter.

It won’t be terrible. The snow there won’t start until tonight. When it does it will follow a day in the low 40&#176s with rain. Tough for snow to stick under those conditions.

Maybe as interesting as being on the radio is how it happens–Skype. We don’t do video, which would rob the connection of bandwidth. Instead all the quality is concentrated on the audio.

I use my Blue Yeti USB microphone. It’s so plug-and-play easy it feels like I’m cheating! There’s one switch I have to throw in Skype to replace this laptop’s internal (crappy) mic. That’s it.

On-the-air it sounds like I’m in the studio. Meanwhile, the truth is I’m broadcasting in my pajamas.

Gotta love technology.

3 thoughts on “How I Got On The Radio Today”

  1. How well does that Mike perform as regards ambient background noise?

    Most times I’ve tried to record stuff at home I get a lot of ‘house sounds’ and neighborhood noise in the recordings.

  2. Looking forward to your next evening video report! Hope this will be a regular thing! So good to have you back…even if it is from the dining room! Geoff Fox, quality info, and no commercials. What could be better!

    (Thanks Geoff!)

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