Wednesday Evening Video Forecast Update

You liked it yesterday, so I’ve returned today with a forecast update and a brief appearance by Doppler, founder of (shameless plug).

46 thoughts on “Wednesday Evening Video Forecast Update”

  1. thanks Geoff, as always you give great informative info, and its great to hear and see you again, best of luck with your new company 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, Geoff! I know I can always count on you to give the most accurate forecast (not like any of the bimbos on tv!).

  3. thank you! It’s great to have your forecasts – we’ve always trusted you the most throughout the years. And of course, the added pleasure of seeing Doppler was wonderful!

  4. Thanks, Geoff. I’ve always relied on your forecasts, and I’m grateful that we can still get them. Keep up the good work.

  5. Awesome, Geoff! So nice to hear that familiar voice I grew up with…and that familiar face with sweet Doppler. Who needs television! Thanks Geoff and Doppler

  6. What Tom said…I feel like I have my own personal meteorologist. If you keep this up, I’ll never bother watching the weather on the news again. Actually, I never do now any way now that you’re not on. My husband will try telling me what he “heard” about the weather and I’ll tell him “I’m waiting to see what Geoff Fox says”.

  7. Thanks for the weather update. I have always trusted your forecast the most. Love having Doppler helping out too!! Hope she is a regular part of your forecasts!!

  8. Wonderful Geoff! Thanks for the explanation! Much easier to understand than what I have been hearing on the tube.
    Great to see Doppler!!!!

  9. Well, now I know how much snow we’re REALLY having. Thanks Geoff. The high winds are already blowing out there. What a cutie Doppler is.

  10. Great job, thanks! I’m thinking you should hook up with Weather Underground and do on-line video weather for them!

  11. I have been sharing links to your blogs and especially your weather forecasts with all of my friends on facebook and elsewhere. Thank you for doing this.

  12. Wow, Geoff (and Doppler) – I just love your explanation of everything. Thank you! Now I know not to expect too much here in Ridgefield.

  13. So good to have you here giving us the real forecast. Love Doppler!! I hope you’ll keep this up, Geoff. I would be willing to subscribe to your weather service if you can figure out a way to make money off this. No T.V. baloney and trustworthy information. It’s a no-brainer. Thanks, Geoff.

  14. Much prefer this format to TV. Thanks Geoff, your blog and these screencasts are awesome… your efforts are much appreciated. Good luck with DopplerDesign, too!

  15. WOW! It’s like you never left the air! LOVE IT! I loved the different maps too and the explanations of what they are.
    Can you do this EVERY day?

  16. My husband says “he just can’t help himself” and I say “thank goodness!”. Best way to get my weather report. Thanks!

  17. Geoff
    Really appreciate you doing this and giving us your time. Wow no advertisers.
    Maybe in the future we could get some, just joking.
    Thank you

  18. Geoff, Thank you so much for doing this. Your faithful viewers are so happy to have you virtually “on the air.” I don’t trust my weather to anyone else! And to be honest, I like the forecast better with Doppler! She’s a good addition to your weather team. 🙂

  19. Thank you! This is just great and so reassuring to hear your voice doing the weather. Doppler could be on camera a little
    longer next time???

  20. TWO awesome video forecasts two nights in a row, feel free to plug all you want, Geoff. Not to mention, Doppler is amazingly adorable. Loved her little Cameo. Thanks for doing this. We love hearing your voice and seeing you in video again.

  21. Hi Geoff – I always found your forecasts to be the most useful. Your on line ones seem a bit more mellow – and frankly, I think it works well for you.

  22. Let me be your financial advocate here for a moment. First, you’ve got a great model here. These reports have given people MUCH more information than they get over the networks, and that info has been delivered in a crisp, precise no BS way, with perfectly understandable explanations of it all. Secondly, you clearly have a very wide base of fans/supporters in the CT area. Maybe it might be a good idea to look at the advantages of trying out a subscription based service? I realize you’ve just launched DopplerDesign, but I’m sure you’re capable of multi-tasking. This model just might be as rewarding. Consider it, anyway.


  23. What Kathy Zimm said – I would play to subscribe as well.
    With more time for your explanation, we’re getting more information with better interpretation. This is so much better than the choppy on-air weather.
    We all appreciate your professional time.

  24. Geoff, you truly are the best….accurate forecasts and the best explanations possible. Gee, in a few months, can we look forward to some clips and hints from Geoff’s Garden?!?! And as Kathy Z. said, I would happily subscribe to your site too! Thanks!

  25. Geoff,

    You are a mensch for continuing to let the public benefit from your expertise! The weather forecast just isn’t the same without you and Dr. Mel.

    Thanks for taking the time to explain and make a weather forecast so interesting.

  26. Geoff, Thanks so much. so glad your keeping an hand in the weather forecasting.

    On the major weather events, glad you got our back.

    was that Doppler saying Don’t go to sleep yet.

  27. I would rather watch you doing these updates than any other source. I love the way you explain it all. This is how’s brain likes to listen. Thank you

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