The Bing Commercial

The Bing commercial just aired. It’s the one with a blind Internet search ‘taste test’ between Bing and Google. Bing wins.

Duh. They’re paying for the ad.

Funny thing, unbiased reviews also show Bing produces more search satisfaction. So why am I not using Bing?

I don’t trust Microsoft.

Yes, without Microsoft personal computing as we know it would not exist. I am grateful. They still can’t be trusted.

The first hint was Micrsoft’s attitude toward content owners as shown in Vista. End users could no longer record the audio playing through their computer. They shut down a feature which had been available to Windows users and which could be used legally. My uses are legal.

Anti-consumer move.

Microsoft is the current owner of Skype. Until Microsoft bought Skype your conversations and video chats were heavily encrypted and protected. Microsoft changed how Skype communicates and no longer makes a claim for security.

Then there’s Microsoft’s method of selling its office suite to governments considering a switch to Linux. FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) spread by Microsoft dominates the geek press coverage. Scare tactics.

And Steve Balmer.

So, even if Bing is pretty good and Google is no longer a saint, I’d still rather not send my business to Redmond. It took a long time to develop this attitude (theirs and mine). It won’t go away overnight.

2 thoughts on “The Bing Commercial”

  1. I am not a fan of Microsoft at the moment. I am having issues with my computer and needed a version of MS Office that is no longer sold. Apparently they’ve moved beyond Vista and I need the program for my school work. It’s a long story how I got to this point, but I was not happy with their customer service and basically hung up on them!

    1. Any chance Open Office will work for your application?

      I avoid anything Microsoft whenever possible – unfortunately, I’m not geeky enough to go Linux. 🙁

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