The Season Begins For The Phils

“This game is really long.” That was Helaine a few minutes ago.

Baseball games usually run about three hours. The Phillies’ season is only an hour and a half old. Just four innings into 2013 and there’s already trouble.

Cole Hamels, the Phillies ace, has given up four runs to the Atlanta Braves. Philly bats have been mainly silent.

I’m willing to watch for love of the game alone, but I’d much rather follow the Phillies on a pennant chase.

Last year’s injuries have healed. Only Carlos Ruiz is missing tonight, suspended 25 games after failing two drug tests for Adderall.

I know, there’s plenty more baseball tonight and all season. It’s just too easy to be a pessimist after last year. And there’s no doubt, when it comes to baseball pessimism rules!

Gotta run. The Phils just loaded the bases. Maybe I’m writing too soon?

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