By All Means, Say Hello


A few weeks ago as Helaine and I flew home from Milwaukee via Baltimore I noticed this on Twitter:

Hanz in the air @hannahfinchh
Chillin next to Geoff Fox

At the time I had no idea who posted that. Now I do and Hannah knows I saw it. We’re cool.

Truth is, after 28 years on-air in Connecticut I expect to be spotted and stalked a little. Everyone says my voice is distinct. I’m certainly loud enough to be heard from a distance!

Years ago while getting off a plane in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, I called back to Stefanie to get something. A second later there was a disembodied voice from the cockpit.

“Geoff, is that you?”

Our pilot was from Connecticut.

I can’t speak for every other minor celebrity, but most I know don’t mind if you stop by and say hello. In fact, most enjoy it! I have worked with news anchors who were shrinking violets off-air. Not me.

Yesterday at breakfast in Branford, Charlotte (see photo above) came by to say hello. She’s a viewer. We’d never met before.

She looked genuinely pleased to meet me and the feeling was totally mutual. Added bonus: The people at my table were impressed.

If you’re Justin Bieber or Beyonce public response might be too much to handle unfiltered. That’s sad, but understandable. For folks like me, we thrive on the attention.

I will miss it when it’s gone.

6 thoughts on “By All Means, Say Hello”

  1. It will never be gone….too many people in too many places know your face, know your voice……here’s lookin’ for you

  2. Like everyone else who cares about you and feels so grateful for all that you were and did for us, with your generosity, upbeat flare and care, I wish you and your family the very best. Just like you did for us all for your entire career as our weather man. But you’re not alone… We’ll miss you incredibly, Geoff! Take good care and be happy!

  3. Back in the day you stopped in the office building where I worked to do a story for WTNH. I heard about it the next day when the guy at the Deli said ‘HEY! Guess who was here yesterday!’ I said ‘Who?’ he said ‘Geoff Fox!’ I said ‘He WAS? Aw crap I missed him!’
    This same guy ran into you at a cruise night on the Berlin Turnpike once. He said he saw you and said ‘Gee did anyone ever tell you you look like Geoff Fox?’ and you said ‘Yeah I get that a lot.’ before you copped to being Geoff Fox.
    I have yet to meet you in person but I’ve run into a lot of other people who have.

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