Time For Baseball

IMG_0577 MLBTVReal baseball begins Sunday night. Warm weather is nearly here.

Once again we’ve signed on with the MLB computer package. That puts the Phillies on all our devices.

In 2010, Helaine watched Roy Halladay’s perfect game as we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway toward Santa Barbara. We’ve got devices!

It’s surprising how many spring training games were on TV this year and how few were on radio. Every day it’s tougher to make a buck in radio.

Live sports on TV still does very well. Without live sports cable would be dead.

I’m watching MLB TV now. The Padres are visiting the Texas Rangers in San Antonio. This is a replay from Saturday afternoon. It’s just random noise made more interesting by the play-by-play guy, Dick Enberg.

If you follow sports you know Dick Enberg from the NFL. For the past few years he’s been doing the Padres’ broadcasts and he’s great. Thorough. Smart. Witty.

Wikipedia says he’s 78. You’d never be able to convince anyone listening that’s true.

H and I enjoy baseball. We’re scared it’s going to be a very long season for Phillies fans. We’ll still watch.

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