Lunch With The Girls

four-for-breakfastI still keep in touch with co-workers from both my Connecticut TV stations. It’s good to have friends with a shared backstory.

This afternoon I met Tracey, Mary Ellen and Mary Ellen’s boyfriend, Doug, in Branford. Our date was arranged before my big announcement so we had lots to talk about.

Tracey and Mary Ellen work in the control room at Channel 8. Tracey directs, Mary Ellen assists.

Tracey is the only director I ever worked with who could get away with calling me “Peaches.”

Life is different… better… when the director tells you to, “Standby Peaches.” I loved that.

I miss them both.

Our date was at La Cuisine in Branford. First time.

We met at 12:30 pm, but three of us had pancakes! Life is a lot more social when it’s happening around the breakfast table. And, to me, breakfast is defined by food, not time of day.

Tropical-Buttermilk-PancakesI had the Tropical Buttermilk Pancake special.

Our famous buttermilk pancakes topped with a fresh pineapple compote, toasted coconut, and chopped hazelnuts.

I brought my tablet computer to show off some websites (including the one for my own house for sale). No WiFi at La Cuisine.

Actually, that’s not correct. There is WiFi. It’s just not public WiFi. However, with a minimum of cajoling the boss shared the password and online we went!

Score one for La Cuisine by being extra nice to a customer and making killer pancakes!

Why am I only finding out about this place on my way out-the door?

6 thoughts on “Lunch With The Girls”

    1. We are moving to California, probably early this summer. We are selling our home because we can’t move it with us! We’d like to.

    1. It’s more than the word. It’s how she’s says it with mock condescension that makes it so memorable.

      Trust me, it’s an honor to be friends with both of them. They are cynically sharp witted. Neither suffers fools gladly. As friends go, they are money in the bank.

  1. Great to have friends. Hope you come back to visit with them once in a while. I know it’s quite the distance but, good friends are hard to find.

  2. Sorry you are leaving Connecticut, but the tv stations you worked for did not give you a fighting chance. Best of luck and continue doing what you do best. Can’t stand to watch Channel 8 weather unless Gil or Steve are on. Rachel is o.k. on Fox but you are the best.

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