I Love/Hate My Tablet

TF-201 Asus Transformer Prime tablet

I did a lot of research before I bought my Asus TF-201 Transformer Prime tablet. I guess I did a bad job. The tablet has not lived up to expectations. Considering its hardware and operating system that shouldn’t be the case.

The TF-201 is a 10″ tablet with 1280×800 resolution. The screen uses IPS+ technology which makes for faster response, wider viewing angle and sharper colors. No complaints there.

There are cameras front and rear. Image quality is very good. It’s a great machine for Skype or any other video chat app. Again, zero complaints.

The CPU is an NVIDIA® Tegra3™ Quad-Core with 1GB RAM. That should be enough. It is not. I don’t think it’s the CPU’s fault.

Graphics are smooth. Animations are smooth. Video playback, even at high resolution, is smooth.

The Transformer Prime’s weakness seems to be Asus’ implementation of Google’s Android operating system!

Webpages that should load immediately can taken 15-20 seconds or longer. While pages load, the browser often turns unresponsive. The only way you know the page has finished is by the appearance of an error message saying the process is taking too long!

It’s slow with the stock browser, Chrome and Firefox. Unfortunately the browser enters into the bulk of computer use.

It’s possible the answer to my problems is just a jailbreak away. I’m not sure. Often these unofficial aftermarket ROM images do the trick.

I’ve looked around. I’m not sure I know how to ‘get root’ with this machine. There are instructions scattered on the web, but often with missing steps… or what seems like missing steps.

Even if I do load a new ROM will it make a difference? Your guess is as good as mine.

I use the tablet all the time, but my sessions nearly always end in frustration. That shouldn’t be.

4 thoughts on “I Love/Hate My Tablet”

  1. Geoff, give Ocean browser a try. Seems faster for tablets. I use that on my Nexus 10 and it’s seems much faster than Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin, etc. It’s worth a try!

  2. Did the problem exist right out of the box? If not, have you tried resetting the tablet to it’s original factory state? Also, unsure how Android works, but with iOS apps can run in the background when “closed”…if you truly want an app closed you need to take an additional step. So maybe you have a multitude of apps running in the background slowing up the works.

  3. Hello,

    Are you the same Geofffox from this thread : http://www.reddit.com/r/transformerprime/comments/1etgyn/my_tf201_asus_transformer_prime_may_i_say_i_hate/ ?
    Because I happened to find this earlier today. I received from my brother the TF201 when he bought a new one…it was like new, he almost never used it…at first I was so thrilled… then, like you said…slowness…and again slowness. I am now also considering rooting/flashing a ROM. Two operations i’ve never done. Did you find some ROM satisfying enough (with everything working : GPS, Wifi, Photograph, dock… ?)
    How did you choose the ROM ?
    I’ve searched today for a looong time and apparently the only things outthere are custom ROM, not officials….so i am a bit afraid.
    I would be very grateful to receive your feedback on this matter, although I would understand if you don’t have time.
    I really hope there is a way to speed this tablet+dock up, because a tablet would be nice to work on the go…and as student I don’t have money to buy an other one.
    Thank you again,
    Yours sincerely,
    p.s. sorry for any spelling or english mistake…english is not my mother thongue

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