Have You Ever Sold Your Home?

As mentioned earlier, our house is for sale. We’re moving to California. That means real estate agents and their clients often drop by.

They want to see the house. They don’t want to see us. When an appointment is made, Helaine, Doppler and I scram. Look for our car aimlessly cruising the neighborhood.

They also want to see the house neat and tidy. You know, as if no one lives here… but they do.

We knew agents were coming by today at 12:30. Then we got a text saying 11:30. Good grief!

When they arrived it looked as if water had never flowed to a sink, every light was always on and any sign of trash or trashcan had mysteriously disappeared.

No home is kept neater and cleaner than when it’s in the process of being sold.

Understand, we’ve changed nothing. We’re just trying to put its best foot forward. The process is interesting and understandable.

7 thoughts on “Have You Ever Sold Your Home?”

  1. We have sold 3 houses and bought 4 in 25 years. All except for the last purchase (from my dad!) was fraught with anxiety. I hated every minute of it and told my husband that this was the last house I will ever live in!
    Good luck with your sale!

  2. Yes, in a nutshell, selling your house, is a PITA. You learn to use one dishtowel, paper plates, and plastic cups, forks and knives, so no dishes are ever in the sink.
    I lasted two weeks, before I told my real estate person that unless I had a full day’s notice, not to bother me. It worked, they got the message. Third showing, house was sold. Good luck.

  3. My aunt has been trying to sell her house in FL as well. It is a tough process, with having to make sure that the house looks spotless all the time.

    I hope you are having an easier time selling than she is.

  4. Luckily for us, when we bought our 2nd house, we owed little enough on the 1st one that we could actually move into the new house before putting the old one up for sale. So, when it was time to sell the first one, it was completely empty.

  5. I went through this. The worst are open houses.
    Next Time I gotta move…Toaster oven under the counter…Ooops…did I leave it on ??
    Hello insurance money…: )

  6. When I was a kid we rented the first floor of a two family house. Every now and then the owner decided he wanted to sell the house , with no notice to us, and all of a sudden people would show up at the door wanting to see the place during dinner, middle of Saturday morning, whenever. After they did this to us 3 times my mom put her foot down and said no more. If the owners weren’t going to be considerate enough to let us know when people would be coming by we would be moving. And we did. To an apartment complex across town.

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