Have You Ever Had Your Picture Taken With Me?

I was at the bank today. One of the officers, Chris, told me we had met before. It was at New Haven City Hall when John DeStefano was first elected mayor. That’s about 20 years ago.

Chris says he has a picture.

Over the last 28 years I’ve taken a lot of pictures with a lot of people. Maybe I’ve taken one with you?

With Helaine and I getting ready to leave for California, I thought it might be fun to collect some of them–even publish them here on the blog.

If you’ve taken a photo with me, would you send it via email? My email address is geoff.fox@gmail.com.

If you’re old school and it’s an actual printed photo would you scan it? If you’re willing to spare it, send me an email and I’ll give you my address.

I have many exceptionally good memories from Connecticut. Some of the best were when I met you.

9 thoughts on “Have You Ever Had Your Picture Taken With Me?”

  1. Geoff, that’s a great idea! I wish I had met you in person, but I never had the pleasure. I hope you keep your good Connecticut memories close – we’ll really miss you!
    I hope you’ll keep posting about weather, Doppler and everything else!
    Best of luck to you and Helaine on your new adventure.

  2. Tried to send a photo from my Facebook pics. Not sure if it worked…if not I’ll get my kids to send it ! Best wishes to you and Helaine as you begin the next part of your journey! You will be missed….

  3. geoff you have certainly been a part of many lives here in connecticut, and hope you continue to do so no matter where you hang your hat.20 years ago it would have been tough to stay in touch with all of them. thanks to your blog we can all stay in touch and cheer you on..never look at it as an end..it’s a new begining..

  4. We met at Bernie’s in Orange when you were doing a segment on large wide screen TVs. The cost back then for a 40 inch screen was $10,000. We weren’t interested at that price and told you so. But that was then and this is now. I have one and it didn’t cost any $10,000. Sorry I don’t have a picture. It’s locked in my mind.

  5. I worked at Dunkin Donuts in Hamden for many years (the original one on Dixwell) I remember you coming in after the remodel and commenting on how many cameras there were. I can’t remember exaclty what you said but it was something about not used to seeing so many cameras, it was very funny.

    GL in your new adventure, I look forward to your stories.

  6. DD episode got me to thinking. What if you could get every surveillance picture taken of you. Banks, stores, airports, casinos, cops. Imagine the timeline you could create. Scary and fascinating.

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