Backyard Birds

I am the grillmaster. Historically, isn’t that the way it works? Somehow the guy becomes king when cooking moves outside.

I fired up the grill tonight, threw some chops over the fire and… well, when you grill that’s it for a while. It was break time, so I stood still and listened.

The woods near my house are alive with birds. This is their season. Most aren’t seen, but I know they’re different based on their songs.

I ran inside and got my camera. The best shots are often unplanned.

IMG_9450birds _1



4 thoughts on “Backyard Birds”

  1. Have you seen the nest of Bald Eagles on State St.? It’s right across the street from W.B. Mason, near the corner of Foote St.

  2. Maybe you could remember, with the last cicada emergence, was it horrible? I have a phobia and did not live in this area, Waterbury last time. I haven’t seen them and do not want to 🙂 Thanks in advance for the info!

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