The Inspection

Our home’s sale is on schedule. Today an inspector spent a few hours looking around. This is part of the normal process. The buyer doesn’t want a pig in a poke (whatever that means).

We’ve taken good care of this place, but still worried there might be something we missed. Nope. Other than typical wear-and-tear, we’re good to go–literally! No surprises.

The physical inspection is done, but two more pieces are outstanding. Our air is being tested for radon, our water for bacteria. Neither should pose a problem.

I continue to be amazed by the complexity of the whole sell/buy process. All these steps. All must be completed in order. I have signed a million papers.

Attention to detail helps. Helaine is in charge!

3 thoughts on “The Inspection”

  1. A gal we used to work with bought a condo earlier this year. She said she was gettin writers cramp from all the papers she had to sign.

  2. –and you are carefully keeping a fat file of ALL those papers for tax purposes, etc, darn near FOREVER, right?

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