How Did I Live Without It?

20130530_171456_PerfectlyClear_0001A few months ago, thinking of my newly founded web development business, I decided to get an all-in-one printer/scanner/fax machine. How did I live without it?

Actually, let me modify that. How did I live without the scanner?

Why is anyone still using fax machines? This “Canon PIXMA MX512 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner, Copier and Fax” came with fax capabilities, but I’d much rather scan and send something as an email attachment. My guess is most of the people still sending faxes never think to do it any other way.

I’ve only printed two pages on its color printer. Test prints. My laser printer is cheaper to operate and faster. I’ll continue to print boarding passes in black and white.

OK–back to the scanner. It’s got sheet feeder and flat bed capability. It is fast enough… faster than I expected.

I didn’t expect to use it as often as I have. Insurance forms, real estate disclosures, even photos have been scanned and sent on their way. Today, when Helaine discovered some paperwork we’d need during our drive west, I scanned it, then emailed it to myself. It will be there when I need it without the necessity of carrying more paper.

For $88.00 I got a deal. What I’m trying to remember is, what I did for scanning before this entered my life?

12 thoughts on “How Did I Live Without It?”

  1. I bought the Canon Pixma MX860 a few years ago and never looked back. Sometime last summer, the wireless went kaput. Also, my daughter got an Ipad which wants an AirPrint printer, which the MX860 is not. A few weeks ago, was in Staples and they had the MX892 on clearance and it is an AirPrint printer so pulled the trigger on that deal. The MX860 is in my other daughter’s room connected via USB.
    Loved these printers so much that I recommended them to my family and now they have them too.

    Like you, I prefer to scan and e-mail documents. Banks and insurance companies are now set up so you can upload scanned documents to them too. Much, much easier and I never upload blank documents (but I have accidentally faxed blank docs when I didn’t put them in the feeder with the correct orientation). 🙂

  2. bI’ve been doing this for a few years. I also use “DropBox” or “Google Cloud” too hold some of the bigger files.

  3. Just recently had to buy a new printer. Got a Cannon All-In-One at BJs for a great price, and have to admit, until I read your post, never really knew what the scanner thing did…I know, sad right? Well, I will have to give that a try! Thanks Geoff! Once again, helping the public – lol.

  4. You’ve never had a scanner? Wow. Shoot, my first one came from a black Friday sale at Staples probably 10 years ago. I thought everybody had a scanner.

    On the other hand, somehow I’ve managed to never use a fax machine.

  5. I’m just finishing a LONG, nearly five year, probate of my parent’s estate. I’m using an HP multi, but the results are the same. Would have been much more difficult to get through all this without the scanning abilities. Bank statements, real estate docs, stock liquidation papers all easily done via scan and .pdf

    I have to agree with Deb, I’m surprised you weren’t using this all along. Really makes life easier. Good luck on your move!

  6. I had an all-in-one printer/scanner and it was amazing. Then I realized one can “scan” documents by taking phone photos of them. Game over.

  7. I have an old Lexmark all in one. Bought it for $75.00. One of the best investments I ever made. I have an old HP printer too, former library model that a friend gave me, but all it does is print.
    Also doubles up as a cat toy when its working. They just HAVE to watch the paper feed through.

  8. A fax transmission is more secure. Of course, once it spits out at the other end, it could be viewed by someone other than the intended recipient. Fax best for financial and sensitive documents.

  9. Why didn’t you just ask me? I am on my second cannon multy purpose machine (upgraded to newer better version) LOVE them, best choice in brands too !

  10. I have the same printer/scanner/fax machine. It tends to lose the wifi connection after a power outage. I have to delete it from my laptop and reset it up. Other than that, I’ve been happy with it.

  11. I’ve had scanners for years – first it was a Visioneer stand alone. Then, when my printer died, I got an Epson all in one. I have no idea if it has the fax capability, and wouldn’t use it anyway. I love scanning documents to email. I scan articles from magazines instead of keeping the tear sheets. I love to cook and crochet, so I have recipes and patterns saved. Great invention. With your upcoming move, it’s a great way to save all that paperwork that will get packed away. You’ll be able to find it on your computer/tablet faster than ‘which box is that file in?”

  12. The drawback of scanning and emailing is that your sensitive documents are now sitting on some gmail/yahoo/wherever server (on your end or the other end or both).

    If I have a choice I still go with a fax for financial documents, just because it is then going from my machine directly to the recipients machine.

    Second choice would be an encrypted PDF file.

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