My Weather Comparison

The rain is pouring down. This seemed to be a good time to look ahead to our soon-to-be home.

It hardly ever rains during the summer there. Brush fire season.

It rains less than Connecticut during the winter.

No snow. None. They kvetch at 40&#176. Fine.

5 thoughts on “My Weather Comparison”

  1. I hear the tiniest hint of self convincing there. Perhaps at heart as a meteorologist you’ll miss our Northeast conditions? A bit?

    We wish you and family the best on your new life there. Just don’t forget CT.

    I guess we’ll all be going to sleep earlier here without your trademark admonishment.

    Good luck!

  2. 14 years ago this week, I loaded up my little car and relocated to Southern California. Like the song says, this is “…where the weather suits my clothes.” I can honestly say that the weather here has improved my quality of life and well-being more than almost any other influence (except for my wife!)

    The most amazing part of the climate is how quickly weather becomes a non-factor in your life. You’ll forget what it was like BC (Before California.) You’re not watching the weather forecasts days before your big BBQ wondering if you’ll have to move everything inside. Buy those Dodgers (or Angels or Padres) tickets; you’ll be there. Pick a date for the Marina Cruise. Get those seats at the Hollywood Bowl for Tony Bennett, and start planning your picnic basket; you won’t be rained out.

    You are quickly spoiled by the moderate, repeatable, predictable climate. There are many things that make living here difficult at times, but it’s such a relief that weather isn’t one of them.

  3. I made the move out here to the Sacramento area back in 1995 and was able to quickly refer to it as home. I was born and raised in CT, living there for 30 years of my life. In fact, my parents live down the road from you as we’ll as our mutual friends Steve & Cathy.

    I usually get back to CT at least once a year for business and to visit. I have to say that the things I miss most are the genuineness of the people in CT and the variety of different foods. Nothing will ever compare to CT pizza and seafood but I do make sure to indulge in both when I visit CT.

    I think you will adjust very quickly to life on the west coast. Although the summers can be wicked. (Forecast of 108 here tomorrow!) I look forward to hearing about your new life out west. 🙂

  4. I moved to the Bay area in the 80s and married a California native. That weather was a little tricky – every morning I’d say “are those clouds? is it going to rain? or is it fog?” usually it was fog.
    But then! we moved to Sonoma County and I’d tell people from April to November there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. HOT but a different heat.
    And then from November to April the rains would come and I realized I’d rather drive in the East Coast snow than the California rains.
    That’s not why we moved back to CT but we did move back 18 years ago next week to be exact.
    With that said — I loved the weather out there and you have it one better because there’s not alot of rain! You’ll adjust so quickly you’ll wonder why you all waited so long.

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