Where Is Palau? Far!

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Turtle and Stone DSC_8863 emailThere are vacations and then there are VACATIONS. Friends of ours are just back from one of those. They are scuba divers. They went to Palau.

Where is Palau? Far!

They flew to Tokyo, then seven more hours of flying. I’m not sure they checked, but it’s 8839 miles that way.

Palau has some of the finest diving in the world. The seas just offshore are jam packed with life. You’ll agree after you see the video shot by their son, Stone. That’s Stone shooting video in the photo on the left.

All this is well and good and made better by the revelation of who else was there. I promised not to mention his name, but if you’re geeky you will know. The most famous open source software in the world is named after him!

That’s all I’m saying.

Enjoy the video.

Palau 2013 from Stone Fisher on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “Where Is Palau? Far!”

  1. OMG WOW….what a fabulous film…..my son and DIL dove there a few years back, before kids, but only took still photos…..Super impressive shoot….

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us! That would be a trip of a lifetime. I’m amazed at how still the filming was. I’m thinking he’s better than the typical amateur. (What a funny choice of music!!) I know Survivor was filmed there a few years ago…gorgeous.

  3. Mr Torvald, I presume… Wish I was there; I’d love to chat with him. Been using his stuff since 1998…

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