My Conversation With Rose

I spoke to Rose who works in Meriden for AT&T. I was calling about my soon-to-be AT&T Uverse service.

“New construction. You’ll have fiber right to your door,” she told me proudly.

Most likely she’s been hearing about the promise of fiber since she walked in the door. Even if I didn’t understand the implications, her demeanor said I’d hit the jackpot! The closer you are to fiber the faster and more smoothly things will flow. Fat pipe.

The call was three or four minutes old when Rose asked if I used to… She’d recognized me.

I am still very affected when someone does. It’s cool when people think you did a good job. I’m not going to lie.

I suspect Rose headed home and told people whom she’d spoken to, just as I am telling you. She enjoyed our conversation. Mutual.

There was a problem with my order. Probably something to do with the house still being under construction. She said she’d keep on it.

If you’re wondering the benefit of celebrity, that’s it. Rose will keep on it.

One thought on “My Conversation With Rose”

  1. Last week while you were in Vegas I noticed a picture of Doppler posted by someone other than you. I informed my friend who had commented on the pic that the cute doggie was yours. He was excitedly surprised noting that he had in the past spoken to you in a New Haven coffee shop and you left a positive impression. Geoff, the treatment you receive is not exclusively due to your celebrity. All the best out west and thanks for being such a good guy in my house around dinner and bedtime for all those years!

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