CT To CA — Before We Head Out

So tired last night I forgot to mention, we are officially homeless. Don’t worry. It’s all good. Our house in Hamden closed Thursday afternoon. We don’t close in California until next Friday.

Until yesterday that had been a nagging worry. It was always in the background, but always there.

Even after the California sale is complete we won’t move in immediately. Our stuff from Connecticut doesn’t arrive until early July. Furniture we ordered won’t be available on day one either.

Helaine, the organized one, set it up so we could use the time to do all those things that are tough to do after a house is furnished! Time is a luxury.

We’re getting closet systems to better use our space. The same goes for the garage. We won’t have a basement or attic so this is like creating new space from thin air.

Our new home comes freshly painted, but the developer only paints one color for all the rooms. That problem gets solved too.

We’ll also take care of pavers and a gas grill for the “California Room” (not actually a room, but more like a patio), ceiling fans and some additional lighting. I’m hoping to get my friend Dennis (neighbors from age three) to come down from San Francisco to consult on planting our tiny open space.

So, lots to do once we get there. But first the drive!

I just checked the weather. A slight chance of thunderstorms as we approach Colorado this afternoon. We’ve been lucky so far.

3 thoughts on “CT To CA — Before We Head Out”

  1. I know it sounds weird, but I’m missing being able to call your land line. I have your cell, but its very strange after so many years to delete that number from my memory. Stay safe. Drive carefully. No texting and driving. Keep in touch.

  2. Geoff….This is the second time I have ever made a comment on the web. The first time was also to you!! So very upset about Ch. 8 & the “stuff” that followed. You going to Calif. is like loosing a child ( I was age 7 when you were born so to be your father….. these days….not out of the question!!! ) Just know how much so many, many folks in Conn. loved and respected your knowledge & ability to explain to the “non-geeks” all about science in general, and the weather that you were so good at ( regardless of being off a few inches of snow!!) Have a safe trip and keep us “back home” up to date with all of your adventures. We in Conn. will continue to love & miss you!!!

  3. Ditto to the above statement—-re: Mr Science and the weather reports. I’ve been watching the weather ahead as you travel westward. Maybe better-T-storms, than Fire! The last report I heard on the latter, there were two more fires raging in Colorado—one up near Denver. But then you will know that by the time you read this—so all I can add, is be safe. As much as we out east will miss you—you will be where you need to
    be —closer to your daughter and other family folks-and also give folks a reason to travel West.

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