Like Moving In Slow Motion

We have moved to California, but we haven’t really moved in. Our freshly built house is a shell waiting furniture and furnishings. We have only the clothes we brought.

We go to bed in a hotel every night. Still, little-by-little our house is turning into a home.

As I type two men are pulling the packing tape and plastic off our new refrigerator. These are the same two guys who hooked up our washer and dryer this weekend. I have new respect for these people who tote and carry all day. What a demanding job.

That’s it. That’s all we have in the house today that wasn’t here when we closed on Friday–three appliances.

A bed frame for our guest room is in boxes in my cousins garage. Its mattress for it arrives tomorrow.

My office furniture is scheduled to arrive by Monday. The rest of the furniture should be here in dribs and drabs over the next few weeks.

There are no drapes or blinds on the windows–and there are a lot of windows. All bathroom trips currently take place upstairs in a room not visible from the street.

We have no chairs. We’ve been standing or laying on the floor (carpeting upstairs). My feet are hurting! Doppler currently has possession of our two pillows. At least one of us is comfy.

There’s still a lot of work to be done. Cabinets and shelves will be installed in the garage and bedroom closet. Our California room will get pavers and plantings. AT&T is still stringing fiber and cable with three trucks on our street today. At some point that means Internet and TV.

All our possessions from Connecticut will start making their cross country check within the next few days. We expect them by the middle of next week.

It’s a little like moving in slow motion. It’s happening, but taking time.

9 thoughts on “Like Moving In Slow Motion”

      1. Probably the best course–you will find that the furniture you enjoy most in California may not be the same as what worked back east…

        For one, you will be able ot spend a lot more time outside–current weather notwithstanding.

  1. I know it’s a lot of work and hassle, but it’s so exciting! a new life adventure! I’m envious. 🙂
    thanks for keeping us posted!

  2. I have only moved once in my life. I hope I don’t have to. It sounds like more work than I can stand at my age. Next move will be to a nursing home.

  3. Moving is something my family, unfortunately, has done entirely too often. It’s to the point that my sons have their own packing tape guns, and can pack a box just as fast and as well as the movers do.

    It’s been ten years since the last move, and I still have at least three boxes in the MBR closet that have not been unpacked. Sad.

    In spite of all this, you do manage to settle down eventually. Doppler has the right idea–relax and let it happen…

  4. So—Is Helaine overwhelmed yet?? Does she still have to go drapery/curtain/blind shopping yet, or will you have someone come in and advise? Moving in to an empty house is always a joy–truly. You can do so much without having to move furniture, like painting, laying rugs etc. Probably having your furniture coming in piece meal is better–you have the freedom to move things around. Is this house larger than the one in Hamden???–I know it cost more—everything out there is higher priced.
    when Grumman on LI was bought out , our son in law was sent out to LA for 6 mos. His family went out for a weeks vacation and looked around at housing, and fast learned that they would have to buy at least 50 miles outside of LA in order to afford the housing. Since they did not want that type of commute, He began to look around the NY,CT area and was fortunate to have been hired by Sikorski.
    Just think—if you get a bed–you can almost move in–Is your stove built in, or did you have to shop for that too?
    How are you finding the heat out there–folks being interviewed on the street are complaining of the heat and humidity–as viewed on CNN. Us—well, eventually it will stop raining!

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