The Howl Of Coyotes

I was at my desk, not quite midnight, when I heard what originally sounded like a dog. It was an open throated howl on an uncharacteristically cloudy night. It sounded like it was coming from the UC Irvine ag fields, just south of me.

Within a few seconds the howl turned into a symphony. It’s tough to say how many, but the word pack surely applies. It quickly became obvious these were not dogs.

Welcome to California where coyotes still roam free.

I’ll admit it. I was totally freaked out! The wild animals near me in Connecticut seemed more shy… more docile.

Since coming to California we’ve allowed Doppler to freely walk outside. We live at the dead end of our street. She’s never more than ten or fifteen feet away.

As of last night her after dark walks will be on the leash. To a coyote, Doppler is just a tasty snack. Not on my watch.

15 thoughts on “The Howl Of Coyotes”

  1. It’s not unusual to see a coyote in the Danbury area. The video of a kangaroo/wallaby in North Salem this week was a bit of a surprise.

  2. I agree Geoff with leash at night. We have heard (and seen) coyotes, fox, deer , turkeys ……but the coyotes REALLY scare me. One ran right through my car port one evening. If Bailey has to go out at night the leash is a must. (and flashlight and my husband at my side!!)

  3. They’ve been known to come out in the day too. Unless you have a very strong fence system to keep them out of your yard, don’t leave Doppler alone. Knowing you have a “pack” nearby, be ever vigilant. Coyotes are quiet, sneaky, and swift. ‘Nuff said.

    1. Perhaps you might consider getting a fenced in run that you could let Doppler run in freely and know she is safe.

  4. Geoff, take a weapon with you like a bat or mace or even a gun, these coyotes have grabbed dogs out of the arms of their owners. I wonder if there is something you can put around your yard that repels them,

  5. Bob cats through our yard in a gated community in So Fla…..have seen a hawk carry away a bunny from my yard….my Maltese and terrier are ALWAYS on a leash and my eyes are on the lookout…..then there are the alligators…welcome to paradise……

  6. oh no!! never ever leave Doppler outside alone. SoCal coyotes are far from shy. while living in Diamond Bar a coyote came right into my neighbors yard and snatched her maltese…….she was only 5ft away from the dog at the time!!

  7. We have coyotes, foxes, and fischer cats here on the CT Shoreline. Most people I know have made their cats indoor kitties and dogs are never left unattended outside.

  8. My sister used to tell me stories when she used to live in Montana that when she let the kids out to play, she always carried a rifle and the phone with her.
    Where she used to live, she all sorts of animals roaming around, wolves, coyotes, black bears and cougars. The kids and the dogs were never out of her site.

    I just found this and it may help:

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