They Just Don’t Know

It’s overcast. That’s a first for our two weeks in the OC. Helaine (and Cousin Melissa) both reported a few drops. Literally a few drops! Here at the house nada. This is typical SoCal summer precipitation–close to non-existent.

I know. Talking about this weather is cruel and unusual punishment for my friends back in Connecticut where dew points there are well into the seventies.

Once again, Connecticut is the poster child for bad hair days. There’s no relief with that level of humidity!

Beyond that radar (at 7:58 PM EDT/4:58 PDT) is still showing enough rain to demand a Flash Flood Warning for parts of North Central and Northeastern Connecticut.

You guys can’t catch a break.

People here will complain about today’s weather. Too humid.

They just don’t know.

10 thoughts on “They Just Don’t Know”

  1. Ever since you left Geoff the weather here is awful and we r all blaming it on you. Please come back so it’ll stop! We in CR have been dealing with wicket crazy weather,Severe Thunderstorms and lots of Tornadoes and its all your fault!! That’s why it’s so dry and fires happening in your neck of the world. Cause you keep sending it to us.

  2. So painful here tonight trying to watch the local news. We had a tornado warning or two up by Storrs and the forecasters were just awful. We’ve been so spoiled by the likes of you and Matt, who never hyped or dramatized unfolding weather. Pretty faces don’t cover inexperience. You are soo missed!!

    1. Oh, boy, Evi, are you ever so right. My mom and I said the same thing tonight. She couldn’t stand the coverage on ANY of the stations and finally, in disgust, turned off the TV. I said “now that Geoff is gone, really, what is the point?” Of course they did their job, but it will never be the same!!

  3. I thought the local folks did a great job tonight, Evi – they stayed with the unfolding severe weather as long as they needed to, putting those of us in the path of the weather at ease (or at least letting us prepare). I did not find any of the coverage hyped or dramatized. Hype did not knock down the 150 year old oak tree in my backyard, missing my daughter’s car by a mere 3 feet.

  4. Having good friends in SoCal I have spent months at a time there. I went to a Halloween party a pal was throwing and was talking with a “cowboy” originally from these parts who had asked his wife, a local, when do we start chain-sawing wood for winter? How we laughed at that, but overhearing us, several gals came up to me, asked me how old I was (46 or 47 at the time) and reached out to touch my face, saying “look, she has that beautiful New England skin!” SO THERE SOCAL!

  5. It’s not just CT, Geoff– VA has been more like Florida than VA. My tomatoes are so waterlogged that they’re virtually tasteless.

  6. I live in the northeastern corner of CT and since you left, I have started watching the weather on a Rhode Island station….I only live a mile from RI. I occassionally watch Gil Simmons since he remembers to mention our weather up here….because he’s from northeastern CT. But you are missed tremendously!!!

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