Albert Hammond Lied–It Rains In Southern California

NEXRAD radar image s   KVTX BREF1

I was in bed and asleep at the unusually early (for me) hour of 2:00 AM. That’s when the downpours came to Irvine. It was as if someone had thrown the rain switch. Nothing to everything in a flash!

All the windows were open. Thankfully there was little wind. It didn’t rain in.

Summertime rain in SoCal is the exception. In fact, for our first month in Orange County this is my only run-in&#185. Nearby John Wayne Airport reported 1/8″.

Last night while out walking Helaine noted, “The sky looks bigger here.”

Fewer low and mid level clouds mean fewer obstructions. Clouds are often seen when they’re farther away. The sky does look bigger.

We’re going to a restaurant at the beach this evening for my birthday. It should be sunny by this afternoon. I’m looking forward to sunset over the Pacific.

Like I said, summertime rain here is the exception.

&#185 – Helaine was out shopping a few weeks ago when she saw a handful of drops on an otherwise lovely day.

7 thoughts on “Albert Hammond Lied–It Rains In Southern California”

  1. Holy Cannoli Geoff, 2:00 am is early to bed? About the sky, Helaine is very observant; of course it does help to have a meteorologist for a husband 🙂 Enjoy your birthday dinner and take pics of the sunset and food for us.

  2. Got woken up at 06:15 (super early for me) by the sound of pounding rain. When it slowed down, noticed that the remote rain gauge was telling me we had 0.13 inch total, at a 20 inch per hour rate! Must have been brief but judging from the sound as well, torrential. Nothing wakes me up that early normally unless the doggies sound off about something.

    Good grief, Geoff, what kind of weird weather did you drag out here with you??? Ive gotten over 0.25 inch this month alone….

    Happy B-Day as well…

  3. Geoff,
    Thursday, Norwich got flooded as well as most of the 395 corodor up to Danielson. This was between 3pm-7 or 8PM. They were still cleaning up the mess as of the 5pm Friday news.
    Also–we broke another record on Thursday—this time for the coldest July 25th—we went from temps in the 80’s on Wed to lows of 61-65 on Thursday–almost felt like Oct without the colors. It stayed cloudy and damp all day with more rain during the night. From what I have heard from a friend in the Westchester/Inglewood(CA)area, they have seen more rain this month than usual—just think how green your grass will be in December! Hope your Birthday supper was great.

  4. Happy Birthday! ! !
    Enjoy your day. My brother-in-law said when he turned 70 “I’m 70 years old and nobody’s going to tell me what to do and I’m going to do what I want from now on”. I have no idea if it really worked out that way but, it’s nice to know you can at least say it.

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