My Birthday Postscript

Sunset over Newport Beach, CA

My birthday is over. If you don’t think about the number (a sobering number) birthdays can be lots of fun. Mine was.

I told Helaine, “No gift.” That, of course, meant a very special gift which will be redeemed next weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. More on that later.

In the meantime I was treated to a birthday dinner.

We don’t know restaurants yet, but I wanted to eat by the beach. I chose, almost randomly, 21 Oceanfront in Newport Beach. It is across the street from the beach, not far from a tsunami evacuation warning sign.

The cuisine is American. The decor is 19th Century opulent. That part was a little much for me.

I had a bowl of bisque followed by lamb. Helaine ordered the salmon. Both were very good as was the service.

I’m not going to be able to get Rhode Island clam chowder anymore, am I? It’s my favorite clam chowder and the least likely to require a follow-up visit to the cardiologist. No one outside New England has ever heard of it. If you know where it’s available in SoCal, let me know.

Sunset here is just before 8:00 PM. We left the restaurant and walked onto Newport Beach Pier. Both sides were lined with fishermen. Unlike piers in Santa Monica and Santa Barbara this one has no commerce, just fishing and watching.

With the Sun going down it was chilly. I can’t believe I’m complaining. The locals were smart enough to wear jackets or sweatshirts.

We left the pier and walked south down a concrete path at the beach’s edge. On the inland side were small houses, most marked with signs noting their availability as weekly or monthly rentals. That would be fun, but maybe not here. Too much foot traffic going by your door.

The sunset was everything we anticipated. There were clouds, but the Sun ducked under them and finally disappeared as a bright red ball behind the hills on Santa Catalina Island. I told Helaine it was actually Maui.

We drove home with the top down.

15 thoughts on “My Birthday Postscript”

  1. Awesome little video! The sunset and food pix are perfect! Especially loved that little dog! I have to say as much as I miss you guys on the East Coast, I truly enjoy tuning in here to see what the west coast has to offer! You always make it “real!” Thanks for that!

  2. I paused the video just so that I could have an extra-long look at that wonderful slice of chocolate cake! It must have tasted wonderful. Thanks for sharing bits of California with your readers.

  3. My wife and I have been looking for Manhattan Clam Chowder out here- can’t find it. Whenever I go back to NYC, I head to the oyster bar and order a huge bowl of it from their vat.

  4. Geoff,
    Like I have said in the past—folks used to come back East to visit family and have Real Pizza. You’ll just have to come back for the RI Clam Chowder. Maybe you could find someplace that freezes it and get it shipped!!

  5. Looks like the perfect birthday celebration, Happy Belated Jeff!
    Thanks for sharing the cool video. Southern Cali. Is so beautiful.

  6. Happy Birthday Geoff. Glad you had a happy one.
    BTW did you know that July 27th is St Pantaleones Day? He’s the patron saint of TROUSERS.
    From that comes a weird holiday called ‘Take your pants for a walk day’.
    Fun little factoid to throw out at your next party.

  7. Glad you had a great birthday….and in honor of your birthday, I’m going to have a bowl of Rhode Island chowder! My favorite too…plus I live a mile from RI so it’s very accessible. 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday.

    Back in the late seventies when I traveled to California, I was told to bring out Hummel hotdogs for my brother. At that time they were not sold in SoCal.
    Need to have visitors bring you some chowder.. Only way to go..

  9. If you get too desperate, a quick Google reveals many recipes for Rhode Island clam chowder. It would appear fairly simple to make.

    And I’m eagerly awaiting more info on the birthday gift at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. I’m jealous already!

  10. lvms must be going for the ride along or driving exp. I did both and was great. in the past driving you couldn’t go over 140 in the cup cars. dont know if its changed.or maybe your doing one of the other things there at lvms

  11. Next time try Dizz’s As Is in Laguna Beach, great hidden spot. Don’t let the parking on PCH scare you. Neuiport 17 in Tustin, go for the Sunday night fried chicken!
    Our move is coming along. We are going to rent first and not rush into a home until we feel comfortable. I need to be in So Cal by Sept first, so wife might stay back.

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