AAA To The Rescue!


Jose is swapping in a new battery right now. Much easier than anticipated.

Thanks to everyone who tipped me off to AAA’s battery service. Long time member and I had no clue!

10 thoughts on “AAA To The Rescue!”

  1. It’s amazing how many perks there are to being a member of AAA that we don’t know about. They need to do a better job of letting people know 🙂

  2. AAA is fantastic. We’ve had them for ages. I had to let my membership lapse for a year because I coulodn’t afford it but the NEXT year the offered me a discounted membership and I decided to accept. No sooner had I sent the payment in than my car died….at a busy intersection. With a sick cat in the car. I’d just picked her up at the vets and was taking her home, and repeatedly assuring her that we’d be home ‘soon’. Soon tunred into a couple of hours. I used my company cell phone to call AAA (a BIG no no for which I was repeatedly chewed out over the course of a week….but what the hell it was an EMERGENCY). Got AAA and asked them if they’d gotten my check. They said they had and I said ‘Great…come get me!’. They did and a guy from work came out with a truck and drove me (and kitty) home.
    Had to call them again last week when my car decided it didn’t want to carry its exhaust system around any more. Dropped it in the middle of the street. Tow truck took it to the garage in short order.
    Whatever you pay for AAA membership it’s worth it!

  3. BTW Geoff, AAA will give you a list of their ‘approved’ service centers in your area. You can find a good mechanic that way.

  4. I love AAA!! needed them many times and they are great! Been there with the dead battery also..lifesaver! and reasonable

  5. One other thing to add. I just remembered if u give AAA a list of all your credit cards if they are stolen they will help u figure everything out. Also; did u know that some restaurants will accept AAA.

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