Lunch On The Lot

I had lunch with a friend I’ve known since second grade. Yes, that’s a long time. His office is on the 20th Century Fox lot. He calls it “the campus.”

I am really lucky. He is a good friend. Very smart with an interesting job in a business I still love. And he likes to talk about it.

The location is a bonus.

I drove from Hollywood, down through Beverly Hills and Century City to the large, yet unmarked entrance on Pico.  Parking for guests is two levels below ground. I don’t want to be there for “The Big One.”

A real movie lot is a fascinating place. Not only are there sound stages, there’s a whole city complete with NYC subway entrances. Signs on stores and lightposts are currently ‘selling’ the street as Washington. Trust me, you’ve seen this street a thousand times.

The lot is filled with people on-the-move. It is a factory producing visual entertainment.

We had lunch on campus then headed back so I could meet someone he works with.  My request.  He’s another broadcast exec, a larger than life figure not that well known outside the business. He is a programming revolutionary.

He was exactly who I hoped he’d be. No disappointment!

I took an indirect route back to my car. Sightseeing. I’m not on a lot that often.

Finally I headed to the garage elevator down to my car. As the door was about to close, Joel McHale, host of The Soup (among other credits), walked in.

He is much taller than he appears on TV. He is also ripped.

I told him I was a fan. He was gracious and funny. Another good impression.

We have chromakey in common.

Next stop The Valley. My friend (and best man) Howard is a manager.

Nice office. High floor. Killer view.

Howard makes deals for a living. I like listening to his side of phone conversations.

We schmoozed. Friends schmooze.

Really nice day.

8 thoughts on “Lunch On The Lot”

  1. What a perfect California day! How cool to see what most of us only dream about. Its good to have connections!

  2. How cool is your life now? And to think you would miss doing the weather here in CT? Much better life – you are living large. While making a living you have managed to make a life. Congrats.

  3. Wow how exciting. So happy for you guy’s. Like Sharon said “how cool to see what most of us only dream about”. Maybe one day you’ll be working on that lot. You belong on TV. You have what it takes. Some one will take notice. We in CT have. Good Luck!

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