I Love The Hummingbirds… Even In SloMo

hummingbird approaches feeder

My hummingbird feeder is getting popular. All day small and smaller birds stop to snack in a nearly endless stream. The way things are progressing the feeder will have to be refilled every two or three days. I won’t mind. They’re thirsty!

The feeder itself is suctioned to a window from the family room. That gives us a bird’s eye seat.

Hold it.

That’s wrong.

They’ve got the bird’s eye seat. Our view is still pretty good.

With my GoPro I was able to get an even better view! I suctioned it to the window right next to the feeder and waited.

It didn’t take long!

I’ve included a little realtime video followed by slo-mo at 10% of normal speed. Enjoy.

13 thoughts on “I Love The Hummingbirds… Even In SloMo”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Geoff. They’re such amazing little creatures, aren’t they? We have 2 feeders hanging right outside our bedroom window and it’s just so incredible to watch them. I’ve tried to film them, but mine turn out nothing like yours. 🙂
    thanks again.

  2. We use a mixture of 3:1…..water to sugar. Our feeder will hold 1 1/2 cups water with 1/2 cup of sugar. While we had a couple of hummingbirds the first year it was nothing compared to what we get with this mixture. The change was simply that dramatic.
    This evening there were 8 or more vying for a spot and our feeder has 6 feeding ports with perches.
    We’ve filled it every day for the past 8 days and actually had to fill it twice yesterday.
    They are amazing creatures to watch!

  3. Thanks Jim, for the above Video.
    Geoff—I couldn’t get your video—maybe its the hour!
    An FYI–you can get finger feeders that will slip on your finger like a ring and the hummers will come right to your hand. My sister bought one last yr. for a friend.
    I will try the 3:1 mixture tomorrow as I put my feeders out a bit late this year, and while I have seen them at my neighbors Mimosa tree, I haven’t seen them at the feeder in my yard, yet.
    They say that you should empty the feeders and clean them throughly every 3-5 days, especially in the heat we have been having this summer. Even when you are just refilling, they say to clean in between. I have always been leary of window feeders, lest the birds crash into the window. I had a raptor do that one day and it was instantly killed. Now I have a sillouette of a bird/hawk on that window, so they don’t see the reflection of sky and fly into it.
    Happy bird watching—

  4. That is so cool ! I have tried in central CT to get them, no luck……cats and a dog probably don’t help…… I have had luck at my place in VT……..whole different world up there…. Have you seen different varieties> I know in VT I was surprised to see some that were quite colorful…..do some research see what species are native to SoCal. Enjoy, they are awesome !

  5. I hung a feeder up when a humming bird startled me by hitting my porch window [ not as big as a florida mosquito tho…]then erected a BAT-House 15 ft up on a fence pole for these pesky little skeeters down here in West-Floida

  6. Venue-2-Vent: I want MY CCTV-america.com [ FrackFocus.com ] I predict bigger earthquakes in CHINA than OHIO &PENN have now due to Shale Facking repositories. I blame the ECO-Cons along Long Is. Sound for not allowing LNG docking stations [NIMBY-CONS]. I further predict that if you buy up cow pastures in Bakersfield, it will be beach-front property [ Lex Luther ] when SHELL deposits enough hydrolics into the San Andreas Fault [ slip&slide] signed ; Chicken Little

  7. is the go-pro good for catching lightning… got stranded today in a downpour and got back to the house without power but I’m not electrocuted [yet]

  8. Amazing video, Geoff. My mother-in-law had one of those hung out in a tree last year. It was fascinating to see the hummingbirds zip to it, around it, take their sips/gulps, then….GONE…

    Thank you for sharing!

  9. My cats certainly enjoyed that. There’s usually two of them on the desk ‘helping’ me type at night.
    I like birds but we’re not allowed to feed them here.

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