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I like to blog every day. It’s like a diary or journal. I do look back from time-to-time to see what I did.  I didn’t do much today, but I do want to remember the day.

Once again my dad was improved yesterday. He was mentally sharp and spent a significant portion of the afternoon holding court with his family, sometimes telling stories, sometimes telling jokes.

He also let out shrieks every once in a while as his sciatica would make it’s presence known. I can relate. Sciatica caused the most intense pain I’ve ever experienced. Nothing’s even close!  We have to find a way to lessen his pain without resorting to drugs which will dull him.

We’re trying to make arrangements for my mom when my dad goes to rehab. She can’t be left alone. We think this problem is solved. We’ll know better tomorrow.

My sister, brother-in-law and I are scheduled to return to our respective homes Sunday.  Obviously everything’s fluid and we’re flexible, but that’s the plan.

This trip down didn’t solve problems as much as it’s beginning a process. The coming weeks and months will be busy and trying for all of us, especially my folks.

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  1. Sciatica is definitely one of the worst pains to experience. Mine acts up from time to time and short of knocking me out there is really no way to deal with it because even if you twitch you feel it. Geoff I am praying for your parents health and well being and for you and the rest of your family. The beginning of this journey is a hard one that only gets harder emotionally as you travel further.

    1. Really Mary….Unfortunately… we all don’t have the same trials and tribulations as early in life as you…so…here’s a thought.. take the high road and follow another blog where your sentiments will be more appreciated… he is merely expressing himself on his blog… you don’t have to agree. But I will admit to this…opinions are like a$$holes…everyone has one…Take yours elsewhere

    2. Mary. Have you ever heard of the phrase, there before the grace of god go I? Or have you ever practiced the Serenity Prayer? Your comment is selfish, mean spirited and unwelcome. People publish their thoughts, life events, whatever on Facebook. If you don’t want to follow then by all means… unfriend. If you follow and can’t find yourself capable of making an intelligent compassionate response then shut off your keyboard. There before the Grace of God go I….

  2. Really Mary? Where’s your compassion? If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all-a lesson I’m sure your mother must have taught at some time in your childhood.

  3. I think it’s important to hear about others experiences with navigating the mind fields of dealing with doctors, hospitals, and elder care, so we can find good solutions for our loved one’s when they are older, and ill.
    I doubt Geoff’s intention was anything other than to inform. Those of us who CARE and are interested appreciate the updates.
    Geoff I am glad to hear your fathers spirits are up!!! I understand the sciatica!!! Four back surgeries and a spinal fusion, and I still get days where I cannot get relief! Moving around helps me the most. Too much inaction and sitting I have found only exacerbates my problems. I hope you find a solution that brings your dad relief.
    Keep us posted!! God speed!

  4. Geoff, My cousin just told me she has 2 herniated discs and has been trying everything. Finally she went and had acupuncture and that has worked. She may go for another session to continue being able to move – she was at the point of not being able to walk!!
    Mary, if you know Geoff you know this is his blog of daily events that he enjoys writing. If you don’t care for him then why are you reading his blog? What you said was just plain rude.

  5. Just a suggestion but about 20 years back I had the same problem and surgery wasn’t an option then for me — I used a TENS unit and after a few frustrating weeks, I finally got it in the correct place location and it worked GREAT! I was relatively pain free w/ no pain meds for quite a few years.

  6. Ypur dad need physical therapy to help that sciatica I would not take the pain meds and ultrasound and PT helped a lot wishing him your mom and family the best

  7. ONLY HAD the sciatica attacks in 2000 and 2012, lived with lumbar spasms and had my laminectomy in 2011,,, glad you and i didn’t die from a fungal injection/INFECTION last year [fund the FDA]

  8. GEOFF,I had sciatica, back in the mid-80’s,took over 9 months to get rid of,not fun! I got hurt sliding into 2nd base,during a softball game,OUCH! Pills and heat treatments,were all I could afford AND liquor (I was a bartender,at the time) I hope uyour dad recovers a lot quicker, than I did! 🙂

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