Doppler Gets Groomed (With Photos)

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One of the biggest challenges of moving is replacing all the professionals and tradesmen you’ve grown to trust. Doppler’s fur (and before her, Ivy’s) was cut at Hot Diggity Dog on Whitney Avenue in Hamden. That’s a bit of a schlep from Orange County, California–our new home. Helaine went to the Internet and began searching.

Yesterday we tried “Glitterati Paw Spa.” They came with excellent reviews. They also came to us! The spa itself is in a trailer towed behind a large SUV.

I’m not going to lie. Doppler wasn’t thrilled with the experience. Would you expect different under the circumstances?

With more warm weather on-tap, we went a little shorter than usual. We’re happy with the result. She emerged looking and smelling pretty, just like she did when I met her at the pound in Wallingford nearly two years ago.

There is a price-to-pay for the convenience of ‘drive-by grooming.’ A haircut for Doppler is more than twice the cost of a haircut for me!

8 thoughts on “Doppler Gets Groomed (With Photos)”

  1. Doppler is such a pretty pooch….never saw a dog groom up close!!!! Reminds me of bathing a reluctant toddler!!!!! 🙂

  2. Love the pics!! Especially the first shot in the tub. The tub shots remind me of bathing my guy in between grooming visits. It’s not easy finding a groomer both you and the dog like (the person not the experience). Have missed seing Doppler, glad to see her again. Hope she is settling in as well as you and Helaine.

  3. Just gave my oldest cat a bath. No i did not need to go to the ER or stitches. Not even a band-aid. Do not need to buy a new shirt either. She actually behaved rather well. But she can relate to Doppler’s attitude toward the whole thing. Think she’s less forgiving and certainly angrier at this point.

  4. A haircut for my Old English Sheepdog is more than 5 times as much as a haircut for me. Thank your lucky stars Doppler doesn’t cost THAT much!

  5. The only way that I know to get around the cost is to either have a family member who is a prof. groomer—or to do it yourself. Actually, I do have a sister who is a groomer, and the 2nd thing she did after the first grooming (first Cairn) was to teach me to do it and bought me the clippers and a #4 blade.
    Now neither Foxy my first cairn, nor Jasper, my present fellow, like it, but they did and do enjoy the extra loving they get after it. And look at it this way Geoff—a) Doppler has a lot more hair, and b)does Helaine make that much fuss over you, when you get a hair cut—or visa versa—Helaine gets a hairdo???
    I just can’t groom and take pictures!!

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