California Gardening


My friend Mike called today. He lives in Nashville, but he was raised in California. He said he was reliving his California years through my blog.

I’ve heard variations on that theme more than once.  California is different. There’s lots to absorb.

One of our SoCal goals was to grow fruit. What kind? Who cares.

Our patio area has two little lemon trees. They’re supposed to grow to six feet. They’re not quite two feet now.

Each tree has loads of tiny lemons and one larger one.  Do they glue one bigger one on at the nursery as a come on?  It seems too good to be true.

I’m unsure whether to thin the trees or let all the fruit grow. This will be a learning year.  As long as I don’t kill them we’ll consider the garden a success.

I’m also unsure when the fruit will be ready to pick, or if there will even be pickable fruit in year one.

Originally I was watering my garden seven minutes a day. Then came the mushrooms! I’m down to three minutes every other day. No one’s complaining. I might have discovered the sweet spot.

Helaine read an article that said I can plant tomatoes in the fall. That’s crazy.

Maybe the movie Endless Summer should have been about California gardening.

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