Delayed At McCarran


Gate C19, McCarran International, Las Vegas.  There is no other airport like this one.  It’s busy round-the-clock, just like the rest of the city.

It is an eclectic crowd, to say the least.  Judging by facial expression I’m not flying home with any jackpot winners.

My flight is delayed.  7:30 has become 8:10.  The plane is in the air on its way from Reno.

I passed through security and immediately came upon another flight going to SNA (John Wayne Airport).

“Are you going to OC,” I asked the gate agent?

“Sorta,” he replied.

“I have no checked bags, so if there’s room can I go?”

“I said sorta because it’s going to Sacramento first!”  He smiled.

Like I said, my flight’s delayed.  I’m at Gate C19  with my fellow travelers.

A disembodied voice is telling passengers on another flight the previously announced delay has disappeared.  This won’t end well   How many folks will be at the bar when the plane leaves the gate?

It was a good trip.  Helaine and I had fun at the wedding.  I have photos.  They’ll probably get posted tomorrow.

Taking the tablet (Asus Google Nexus 7) was a huge success.  It’s much more portable than even a laptop and, except for handling my photos, was equal to the task.  Even my cheapo no-name Bluetooth keyboard has worked well.  No complaints.

I’m hoping to be home by 9:30.

3 thoughts on “Delayed At McCarran”

  1. I remember flying back to So. CA in the middle of summer. The temperature was probably about 105. We had problem on the plane, the air conditioner was broken. I was roasting by the time I got off the plane about 50 minutes later.

    Before McCarran Airport was built, it was a tiny little airport, with just a few gates. Now it is huge. I use to fly into Las Vegas every few months for years. I even got married there twice.

  2. The first time I went to Las Vegas,I landed at that airport.When getting off the plane, and going through the airport,I saw all these people with their iphones pluged into the wall all over the place,lol.

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