The 5,600 Mile Weekend

We’re at LAX.  We’re flying again.  Helaine and I are headed to New Jersey for the wedding of Stef’s best friend, Christina.

This trip will be brief.  Out Friday.  Back Sunday. 

We’ll spend more time in transit than we will celebrating!

The easiest way would have been to take the daily non-stop from John Wayne Airport.  That would have cost over $1300. 

Southwest to the rescue. We have enough miles to fly free, as long as we go from LAX.

This will be a long trek. LAX-DEN first, then a two plus hour layover followed by DEN-EWR. Once we’re in Newark we’ll have to find our rental car then find our way to Jersey City.

We’re looking forward to the wedding itself which we’re promised will be full blown Italian–big church service then reception in a restaurant on the Hudson looking across to Lower Manhattan.

All we have to do is make it cross country in one piece.

5 thoughts on “The 5,600 Mile Weekend”

  1. I have flown back & forth between CT & CA numerous times. There are 2 ways I like to fly. One from New Haven, Philly, & LAX, back again the same route. Or from NYC to Long Beach back to NYC on Jet Blue. Sometimes I fly into San Francisco, Oakland or San Jose when going out to CA. Also I’ve flown in Reno and Las Vegas. If the Santa Ana Winds are still acting up, your plane will let you know, as it flops back & forth. I’ve flown in Denver too, Dallas, Chicago, Kansas City, Detroit, Cincinnati and numerous other airports throughout the USA. Have fun. It will probably seem strange renting a car here.

  2. Lordy—you folks sure are doing a lot of flying back and forth these days. Hope you got out of Denver before the 2 feet of snow got in. It is nice back here—more like spring than autumn–temps have been in the 70’s—was up to 80 in some parts of the state on Thurs.
    Someone would think you are wedding hoppers. Going from a good Jewish wedding to the Italian wedding—probably not much different—reception wise. Have fun.

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