I Smell Smoke

baker fire

We’re back in SoCal.

After taking Stef home, then dodging the traffic (and detour) near the Hollywood Bowl, we made decent time down “The Five” to Orange County.

There is one change since we left Friday. The air is pungent with the smell of charcoal! We’re feeling the effects of the Baker Fire in Silverado Canyon, around five miles away.

It’s far enough not to be a worry, but close enough to make its presence felt.

This is a mulch fire. It started in a nursery then spread to the surrounding wilderness. The fire covers around 50 acres and is 25% contained tonight.

The are multiple problems with a fire like this. The natural brush is very dry. There’s been no rain for months, then a Santa Ana wind this weekend. Beyond that this fire’s in a steep canyon with limited access.

Even California’s gentle weather packs some danger. Yes, it’s scary.

5 thoughts on “I Smell Smoke”

  1. Geoff, I can tell you are newbie to So CA by some of your comments. You should have lived there years ago when the skies turned gray because of all the smog in the air. The EPA has helped to clear up part of that problem. Normally there is no rain from April thru November.

    When I moved from CA to CT, the first time it snowed, I had husband outside at 10pm throwing snowballs. The neighbors must have thought we were nuts. I had never seen snow at my front door, it was always in the mountains. If I wanted to throw snowballs, I had to drive at least 40 miles.

  2. Geoff,
    Wait til you wake up some morning and have to clear your windshield of white-gray ash particles, from a fire 50 miles away. I lived in Glendale and had to do that a couple of times, in the 2-1/2 years that I lived there. And I agree with Carole, regarding the smog. The only times we could see the mountains was in Nov., Dec., when the winds shifted and cleared the air. The EPA regs have improved the air out there—now it is choking AZ and the East Coast–like NYC.

    1. Barb B,

      I lived in So CA for close to 50 yrs. Things have really changed over the years. I use to fly to Las Vegas all the time from Ontario, CA. The skies were so think with smog, you couldn’t see the mountains some times. You are right, the smog is moving to the eat. I remember looking up at the San Gabriel Mountains when they were on fire. One time the fire was so bad, the ash was ending up on my property still on fire.

      I’m waiting for the day that Geoff reports on his first earthquake when he is awaken in the middle of the night as his house is shaking.

  3. Carole,
    Where did you live when you were out there. Are you a Westerner, from the start.? I remember, when I was out there in the mid ’60’s—that we used to be in awe that there were still only dirt roads in Hollywood—during WW2. I flew over to Hawaii and stayed with a friend for a week before I drove back home to CT. Guess I knew,that if I didn’t go then—I think it only cost $100. at the time—that I’d never get the chance later. I was right–thus far. I drove CT- Calif alone and had my sister fly out and share the driving back–camping all the way in National and State parks. Geoff is bringing up so many memories.

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