Doppler Is A Sock Puppy

IMG_9528doppler sock

Dogs are flexible. They can put all four paws (and other parts I won’t mention) in their mouths. Sometimes that leads to trouble. For Doppler it was a hot spot she kept working at until it bled.

We needed to keep her paws out of her mouth. Unfortunately, it’s tough to talk sense to a dog.

Helaine and I both dismissed the idea of an Elizabethan collar. Would you want to wear one?

We tried bitter apple spray. I think Doppler has developed a taste for it.

I’d seen rubber booties and thought those would do the trick. When Stef was over this weekend I asked her to pick up a pair… uh… two pairs.

IMG_9535doppler sockNo booties, but Stef did find knit monkey face socks! There are little rubber nubs on the bottom for traction and, of course, a monkey face.

This is too easy. The sock is a success!

As far as I can see, Doppler doesn’t care, or doesn’t even know it’s there. She’s leaving it alone and has stopped going after her paw. We have to pull it up every once in a while, but that seems like a minor inconvenience all things considered.

It looks like the paw is healing… though she does look cute with one red sock. Maybe as a fashion statement?

7 thoughts on “Doppler Is A Sock Puppy”

  1. Love the sock! I need four of them for my Rat Terrier, Zack. Did Stef have a pattern to work from? We tried the bitter apple treatment with little success. Thanks.

  2. Hmmm I’m going to have to check these out for our dog too-she gets the hot spots on her paws and will lick and lick til they’re raw too. Never thought of socks-did have a topical med tho-which helped.

  3. When our Dobies “lap” we have tried EVERYTHING — including booties… best stuff is: BITTER YUCK — the nastiest of sprays but it does deter them and does not sting on open cuts… my one Dobie was hard-core chewer but this stuff stops him in his tracks. Be sure to spray outside on a calm day as this is rough if you get it in your eyes… never had a problem with getting it in the dog’s face, etc.

  4. I hope they work for you. If we tried that on our one-year-old pooch, he would just start chewing on the booties since he has developed a taste for socks in our laundry hamper. LOL!

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